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I love Allah cause he has made me see the truth..........Tho from some i've heard otherwise. In many cases the numer 3 {in christianty} refers to the trinity which is The Father the son and the holy ghost.But thats not all it refers to {lmao ima go to science and astronomy :SMILY303:} 4 those who think pluto is not a planet well UR WRONG! And I'll shall prove it ._. if u start from the sun we are the 3rd planet {trinity here} If u start from PLANET Pluto We are planet 7. 7 stands for perfection it stands 4 Allah so yes pluto is a planet 4 those bums who dun think so:angryred: Ok back to the trinity well I love the fact that we all are brothers and sisters on an equilateral Triangle the 3 MAIN Religions {once again dun dun dun THe TRINITY!!!!} xDDD
and things happen in 3's and 7's u may not get sumthin the first time or the second but usually u get it the 3rd time but if exceeds 3 u'll get it the 7th time and on rare occasions the 8th time "Fall down seven get up eight "||Japanese Proverb|| so numbers do mean a lot and do have much values

:tti_sister:Alhumdillah for his guidence


*Fear Allah*

Well I agree pluto is a planet it is actually called a dwarf planet but I do not know about that other stuff mentioned. Jazak Allah Khair

Salam Sister Amirah80:)