Palestinians Lose Their Fear and This Should Frighten Israel


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I was reading this article with interest and this verse came to mind.

"And why should you not fight in the cause of Allah and of those who, being weak, are ill-treated (and oppressed)? - Men, women, and children, whose cry is: 'Our Lord! Rescue us from this town, whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from You, one who will protect; and raise for us from You, one who will help.'" (4:75)

Palestinians Lose Their Fear and This Should Frighten Israel
- Gwynne Dyer, Arab News

“An equation has to be created in which it is not worth it for the Palestinians to fire,” said Eli Moyal, mayor of Sderot, after rockets fired from the Gaza Strip killed a 57-year-old woman and severely injured two young men (one of whom lost both legs) last Wednesday in the southern Israeli town. The logic is impeccable: Hurt the Palestinians enough, and they will have to stop launching those rockets.

But the Israeli Defense Force hurt the Palestinians very badly indeed at the beginning of November, in Beit Hanoun, the town nearest to the launch sites of last Wednesday’s rockets. The operation lasted for a week, and it killed sixty Palestinians and injured 250. One Israeli soldier was killed. If that kill ratio doesn’t stop the rockets, what will?

Most of the Palestinians killed in Beit Hanoun were “militants”. That is to say, they were young men who had grown up under the Israeli occupation, and who were finally given the opportunity to fight the Israeli Army in their own hometown. This was merely an opportunity to die bravely but uselessly, since Kalashnikovs are not much use against tanks, but it made them feel really important for the last ten minutes of their lives.

Most of them were not involved in the launching of the homemade Qassam rockets against Sderot, because that is a rather specialized activity, but they certainly supported it. Anything to hurt the Israelis a little, even if it hurts Palestinians much more, is all right with most Palestinians. But until recently, it wasn’t actually hurting Israelis much at all.

Since the hopelessly inaccurate, homemade Qassams first began to fall on the Israel towns and villages near the Gaza Strip in 2000, they have killed a total of only nine Israelis. In just the four-week period from June 26 to 24 July 24, Israeli Defense Force actions in the Gaza Strip to stop the Qassam rocket fire caused the death of 126 Palestinians. According to the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem, sixty-three of them were not fighters, and twenty-nine of them were minors. The IDF says it never deliberately targets civilians, but it cannot be unaware that a high Palestinian death toll is a necessary part of the equation “in which it is not worth it for the Palestinians to fire.”

So its operations are less careful than they would be if the civilians in question were Israelis. Consider, for example, the Israeli artillery fire that killed nineteen members of the Athamna family in Beit Hanoun a few days after the armored operation. “A technical failure,” said Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and he was no doubt technically correct. But over 350 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip since mid-summer, versus two Israelis: One soldier killed in Beit Hanoun early this month, and one civilian killed in Sderot last Wednesday. Yet no amount of pain seems to deter the Palestinians, and now the rockets are getting accurate enough to hurt Israelis.

They are not as accurate as the modified Katyushas that Hezbollah fired at northern Israel last summer, but the ranges are a great deal shorter. Moreover, this is not taking place in the context of a war of limited duration, like the one last summer that was triggered by Hezbollah’s seizure of two Israeli soldiers and then escalated by massive Israeli air raids on Lebanon. That lasted a month; this is an everyday affair of local people fabricating and launching short-range missiles at nearby Israeli targets, and it could go on for years.

No doubt Israel can also go on shelling and bombing the Gaza Strip and making occasional armored incursions like that at Beit Hanoun for years, and no doubt it can still count on killing twenty or fifty Palestinian fighters and civilians for every Israeli soldier or civilian who dies. But the Palestinians just don’t care any more.

That is not literally true. Of course they care when their kids (or their parents or sisters or brothers) are killed. But in the larger sense, most Palestinians, at least in the Gaza Strip, no longer care how high the price is; they have lost their fear. This poses a deadly danger for Israel, because it means that the traditional strategy of terrorizing the Palestinians into submission no longer works.

Turning points do not normally announce themselves with great fanfares; you only realize that you have passed them some time later. But this year, for the first time, Israel failed to win a war (in Lebanon). For the first time in 39 years, Israel has really lost control of the Palestinians. And now the United States, after thirty years of military involvement, is on its way out of the Middle East. The American withdrawal from Iraq is still a year or two away, but the retreat will not stop there.

We are probably still twenty or thirty or even fifty years away from the day when Israel faces a real war for survival. Avoiding that is a very high priority even for Israel’s enemies, for a defeated Israel would certainly destroy the Arab world with nuclear weapons before it went under, and (if you believe the threats of some Israeli leaders) much of Europe as well. That outcome is still far from inevitable, but this is the year when the clock started ticking.

— Gwynne Dyer is a London-based independent journalist.


"Those who believe fight in the Cause of Allah, And those who reject faith fight in the cause of evil (Tagut): So fight you against the friends of Shaythaan for feeble indeed is the cunning of Shaythaan."


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It seems a little too optimistic to think that `Isreal lost control over palestinians` or `Americans is on its way out of middle east`...They had been insisted for so many years...I don`t think so it is that easy...:girl3:

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It seems a little too optimistic to think that `Isreal lost control over palestinians` or `Americans is on its way out of middle east`...They had been insisted for so many years...I don`t think so it is that easy...:girl3:

Salaam alaykum;

if you read news during last days it is seen clearly that isrealis have lost they main control. In Gaza Palestinians behave as humans shields for protection of resistant fighters homes; at the same time missiles (Qassams) spread real fear now in Sderot and make problems for IOF who still find way to stop them (even so despairly that defence minister of Isreal Peretz called few days ago to president Abbas and asked his help to stop those attacks.

As zionist news agency YnetNews headlined today, Sderot (settlement near of Gaza) is as "a ghost town" because many of its citizens afraid "Qassams"and have already run away...

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allah is a best planner

b4 the coming of jesus,jews has to b 2gather at one place,which they r working on,wall around isreal,small forts inside palestine,u can see the insecurity in there minds & hearts,u call tell a real curse by allah,a curse nation,who has no place on god green earth despite having the most money of this world,even when they try to built a seprate home 4 them self they have to decide where they wanna b argentine or palestine,with help of british one sad morning they just kicked out 30% palestinian out of there homes & announce who ever in this world can prove he is jew is welcome to isreal & today they b having peacefull talk with palestinian over the left over30% there land take it or leave it,if u take it u r still going to b in our control & if u leave it then we have your land anyway,so poor palestinian can't say yes & can't say no to negociation & civilized world look at them as some one don't wanna have peace with civilized isrealis but no one see what exactly u r offering to those who r actually a real owner of that land.we muslims r not actually helping our muslim brothers in need but at least rember them in our duah & feel there pain in your heart so as muslim on day of judgment,we could have some thing in our ammal in front of allah to show inshallah


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Hallo, I also read about this and my thought was: how comes that these brave people put themselves in front of the israeli soldiers when they consider the israelis to be murderers of civilians. Putting themselves there as a shield for the men hiding behind them in the building would be useless if they didn't trust on that the israelis will not fire to them just like that - because it would have been easy for the israelis to to shoot on them, wouldn't it. So they kind of knew that they can succeed with this peaceful demonstration as a shield but that shows also they knew the Israelis would not shoot them down as civilians, though they usually claim that Israelis brutally kill innocent civilians no matter what, but they acted different.
I really hope the truce now will bring a status of peace to the palestinians and the israelis and all that will stop.


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christina you got that wrong of course they kill innocent civilians they kill them every day they not botherd, do you think they are botherd NO they are not.

they should be ashamed of they self.


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:salam2: our bravery bro & sis of palestinian new human shield tactics is working!

they managed to save their house too..