please make dua


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dear brothers n sisters

I am a regular visitor in TTI,but i dont post new threads as the others do since my daughter usually engages me all the time...
i just want to share with u all a sad aunt n cousin's husband are suffering from cancer and is in last stages..i would like you all to pray for them..may ALLAH relieve n cure diseases of all ailing muslims,forgive our sins n unite us in His eternal paradise ameen....


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wa alaykkum assalaam

ameen to your dua'.

may Allah relieve them from their suffereings.

Umme Ali

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Dear Sister, Assalamoalakum.
Keep praying remember everything comes from Allah and to Him does it return. Duas are always answered by Allah AzoJal. He is Sami o Latif, Mujeeb ul dawaat. Inshallah I will pray for the. have courage during this time of stress and trial.