Pleasing Wife & Tayammum


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This is an excerpt from one of Tariq Jameel’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning.

In instances when issues rise due to men, Islam has shed light on them. We are entangled in so many relationships mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, grand mother, grand father, daughter in law, mother in law etc. Imagine how many relationships we are in? In my Prophet’s final speech, only one relationship was referred to.

Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers. (Masnud Ahmed)

See Prophet (saw), how should one be in a marriage? How should one have a family life? They are travelling on expedition/Jihad. It wasn’t a business or pleasure trip. As soon as they were about to depart from location, Aisha (rad) saw that she didn’t have her necklace with her. She told Prophet (saw) that her necklace is lost, we can depart as soon as we find it.

The Prophet (saw) could have said we are returning back from an expedition & all you are concerned about is your necklace. Rather Prophet (saw) asked that lets search for her necklace. When I read this incident, I am surprised. Its an expedition. Everyone is searching now for the necklace. As day comes to an end, the search is stopped and no necklace is to be found. Did Prophet (saw) say all this disruption and hindrance has been caused by you Aisha? Prophet (saw) didn’t even utter one word of disapproval.

Everyone encamped due to this. They had prayed Maghrib/Isha together and water had finished. Time for Fajr came in & people started complaining to Abu Bakr (rad) ‘all of this has been caused by Aisha (rad) we have to pray but we are stranded here without water’.

Abu Bakr (rad) got upset being father entered tent where the Prophet (saw) was sleeping on Aisha (rad)’s lap. If Abu Bakr (rad) says something the Prophet (saw) sleep would be disturbed and he would get up. But being upset & without saying anything remonstrated Aisha (rad) and poked her in the waist to express his disappointment. But Aisha (rad) didn’t move so as not to wake Prophet (saw) sleeping on her thigh.

Prophet (saw) woke up at Fajr. Aisha (rad) mentioned to him that everyone outside are frustrated given there is no water. Allah revealed verses:

“..then seek clean earth and wipe over your faces and your hands (with it)” (4:43) Allah changed the law, if you don’t have water, you can perform Tayammum (dry purification) and pray.

Now all the people that complained to Abu Bakr (rad) were over joyed as Allah revealed an opening for them ie they don’t have to forego prayer if they can’t find water. Usayd ibn Hudayr who confronted Abu Bakr (rad) earlier was now happy & said ‘This is not the first blessing from you. O family of Abu Bakr’. (Complete Incident in Muwatta)

Allah didn’t reprimand or scold Aisha (rad) ‘due to necklace of your wife O Prophet (saw), the effort of Islam was stopped, my slaves’ prayers was ruined’. Rather Allah revealed verses of Tayammum as blessing.