Daughter of Adam
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

You Don't Remain With Any Excuse

أخى الحبيب فى الله ، هل لديك حجة بعد رؤية هذه الصورة ؟؟

Dear Brother ,Is there any excuse left for you after seeing this picture?? !

هل ستتكاسل عن صلاة الجماعة بعد رؤيتها ؟؟؟

Do you ever again be lazy to attend Salath(Prayer) in congregation???

هل ستترك الشيطان يعقد عليك ثلاثا ً و يبول فى أُذنك كل يوم لنومك عن صلاة الفجر ؟؟!!

Do you ever want to let Satan to tie three knots back of your head and pass urine in your ears to stop you from attending Fajr Prayer??!!


أخى المسلم الحبيب فى الله ، أما علمت بقصة الصحابى الجليل عبد الله بن أم مكتوم ، الذى لم يجد رُخصة

فى الصلاة فى البيت لأنه كفيف ..... ؟؟؟!!

Dear Muslim Brother have you EVER heard the hadeeth of sahabi Abdullah –ibn-Umm-Maktoom, who did not get the permission, from not attending the Congregation(Prayer with Jamaat) and praying at home, though he was blind.

أما علمت بالشيخ الشهيد أحمد ياسين الذى لم تفوته صلاة الجماعة بالرغم من أنه كان قعيد على الكرسى المُتحرك ؟؟ !!

Did you ever knew that Shaheed(Martyr) sheikh yaseen of Palestine who never missed congregation although he was crippled and could not walk, and used to attend on his wheel chair.

Learn Lesson And Start Praying >From Today With Muslims in Masjid. Allah did not make you Crippled. Thank Him and Beware that he can make you so any moment. So Praise Him and Promise Not to be Lazy again.