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Q.1 : When was Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam born?
A.1:. He was born on Monday the 9th Rabi Al-Awwal, (appox. 20th April, 571 AC). The year was called Amul Feel (the Year of the Elephant).

Q.2 : Where was the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam born?
A.2:. He was born in Makkah, a town in Arabia.

Q.3 : Why was the year called the Year of the Elephant?
A.3:At that time, Abraha, the Governer of Yemen, had invaded Makkah intending to demolish the Ka'bah in order to attract the Arab Pilgrims to the mock Ka'bah he had set up in Yemen. Abraha arrived in Makkah, together with his troops, on elephants.

Q.4 : How did he perish along with his army?
A.4:. Allah sent flights of birds carrying brick stones in there beaks and claws. They dropped them onto the invaders until all of them and the elephants were destroyed.

Q.5 : What is the name of the Prophet's sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam father?
A.5:. Abdullah bin Abdul Muttallib.

Q.6 : What is the name of the Prophet's sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam mother?
A.6: Aminah Bint Wahab Bin Abd Manaf Bin Zahrah.

Q.7 : When and where did his sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam father die?
A.7: He died in Yathrib (Now known as Madeenah) before Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam was born.

Q.8 : What is the name of the Prophet's sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam grandfather?
A.8:. Abdul Muttallib.

Q.9 : What was the position of Abdul Muttallib?
A.9: He was the chief of his clan Banu Hashim.

Q.10 : Give the Prophet's sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam lineage upto his fifth ancestor?
A.10: He is Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam Bin Abdullah Bin Abdul Muttallib Bin Hashim Bin Abd Manaf Bin Qusai Bin Kilab

Q.11: Who suckled the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam?
A.11: First Thuyeba the freed slave girl of his uncle Abdul Uzza known as Abu Lahab, then Haleema Bint Abu Dhuaib, best known as Haleema As-Sa'diyah.

Q.12: Why did the Arab send their babies to Bedouin wet-nurses?
A.12: They sent their babies to the Bedouin wet-nurses so that they grew up in the healthy atmosphere of the desert and acquire the pure speech and learn good manners.

Q.13: How long did she suckle the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam?
A.13: For two years.

Q.14: What was the great event that took place during his stay with Haleema?
A.14: One day Jibrael 'alayhis salaam came down and ripped the Prophet's sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam chest open and took out the heart. He then extracted a blood-clot out of it and washed it with Zamzam. Then the heart was joined together and placed back.

Q.15: What was the name of his foster-father?
A.15: Harith Bin Abdul Uzza Bin Rafa'ah from the tribe of Hawazin.

Q.16: Give the names of his foster-sisters?
A.16: Aneesah Bint Harith and Hudhafa Bint Harith who was best known as Shayma.

Q.17: Who named the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam Mohammed?
A.17: His grandfather Abdul Muttalib.

Q.18: Why did he choose this name?
A.18: Abdul Muttalib wanted him to be thankful to Allah.

Q.19: What did Mohammed's sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam mother named him?
A.19: Ahmed.

Q.20: Why did she choose this name?
A.20: She dreamt an angel calling the newly born baby Ahmed. So she named him Ahmed.

Q.21: How old was Mohammed sallallaahu alaehe wasallam when his mother died?
A.21: He was six years old.

Q.22: Where did Mohammed sallallaahu alaehe wasallams mother take him?
A.22: His mother took him to Yathrib (now known as Madeenah) to visit her relatives there.

Q.23: Where did Mohammed sallallaahu alaehe wasallams mother die?
A.23: On her journey back she died at Abwa and was buried there.

Q.24: Who brought Mohammed sallallaahu alaehe wasallam back to Makkah?
A.24: His father's slave girl, Umm Amin(R).

Q.25: Who took care of Mohammed sallallaahu alaehe wasallam after his mothers death?
A.25: His grandfather Abdul Muttalib.

Q.26: How long did Abdul Muttalib take care of Mohammed sallallaahu alaehe wasallam?
A.26: For two years.

Q.27: How was Abdul Muttalib's behaviour with Mohammed sallallaahu alaehe wasallam ?
A.27: He loved him too much and preferred him to his own sons.

Q.28: What did Abdul Muttalib say about Mohammed sallallaahu alaehe wasallam?
A.28: He said that his grandson would hold a prestigious position.

Q.29: How old was Mohammed sallallaahu alaehe wasallam when his grandfather Abdul Muttalib died?
A.29: He was about eight years old.

Q.30: What did Mohammed sallallaahu alaehe wasallam do in chilhood?
A.30: He used to tend the sheep.

Q.31: Did Mohammed sallallaahu alaehe wasallam ever take part in entertainment activities with his fellow Children?
A.31: He never did any thing mischievous. He did not take part in any of the silly games played by other children of his age.

Q.32: Who took care of Mohammed sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam after the death of Abdul Muttalib?
A.32: His uncle Abu Talib.

Q.33: When did Mohammed sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam travel to Syria and with whom?
A.33: He traveled to Syria with his uncle Abu Talib. He was twelve years old then.

Q.34: Did any particular incident take place during Mohammed sallallaahu alaehe wasallam journey to Syria?
A.34: When the caravan reached Busra, a monk called Bahira saw them resting under a tree. He told Abu Talib that Mohammed sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam would become the master of all human beings. Allah will send him with a Message which will be a mercy to all beings. He also advised Abu Talib to take care of him lest the Jews should harm him. So Abu Talib sent him back to Makkah.

Q.35: When did Mohammed sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam travel to Syria second time, and for Whom?
A.35: He travelled to Syria second time at the age of 25 years as a merchant for Khadijah radiallaahu anha to do her business.

Q.36: Who was Khadijah radiallahu anha ?
A.36: Khadijah Bint Khuwailid radiallahu anha was a prestigious tradeswoman of Makkah.

Q.37: Who negotiated with Mohammed sallallahu alaehe wasallam on behalf of Khadijah radiallaahu anha for marriage?
A.37: Her friend Nafeesah.

Q.38: Why did Khadijah radiallaahu anha prefer Mohammed sallallaahu alaehe wasallam for marriage?
A.38: She preferred him for marriage because of his truthfulness and good conduct.

Q.39: When did Khadijah radiallaahu anha marry Mohammed sallallahu 'alaehe wasallam ?
A.39: She married Mohammed sallallahu alaehe wasallam when she was 40 (forty) years old.

Q.40: What was the age of Muhammad sallallahu alaehe wasallam and Khadijah radiallaahu anha at the time of marriage?
A.40: Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam was twenty five (25yrs) and Khadijah radiallaahu anha was forty (40yrs) at the time of marriage.

Q.41: What did Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam give Khadijah radiallahu anha as Maher (dower)?
A.41: Twenty camels.

Q.42: Was Khadijah radiallahu anha a widow?
A.42: Yes, She was a widow. The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam was her third husband.

Q.43: How old was Khadijah radiallaahu anha when she died?
A.43: She was Sxty five (65yrs) old while Muhammad sallallahu 'alaehe wasallam was Fifty (50yrs).

Q.44: How was the relation between Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam and Khadijah radiallahu anha ?
A.44: They had developed an intimate relation between them during the twenty five years of their conjugal life.

Q.45: What did she do for Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam ?
A.45: She helped Muhammad sallallahu alaehe wasallam and comforted him in troubles.

Q.46: Did Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam make trade journey after marriage?
A.46: No, he made no trade journey after marriage.

Q.47: Did Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam marry any other woman during the lifetime of Khadijah radiallahu anha?
A.47: No, he did not marry any woman as long as she was alive.

Q.48: How was Muhammad sallallaahu alaehe wasallam known in the society?
A.48: He was known as Al-Ameen (Truthful) and As-Sadiq (Trustworthy).

Q.49: Did Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam get any sort of education?
A.49: No, he was illiterate.

Q.50: Name the war in which the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam participated during his early age?
A.50: He was hardly fifteen when the Fijar (sacrilegious) war broke out between Quraish and Banu Kinanah on one side and Qais Ailan on the other.

Q.51: Why was the war called sacrilegious?
A.51: It was called so because the inviolables were made violable, the sacred months included.

Q.54: What was the purpose of Al-Fudoul agreement in which the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam participated before his Prophethood?
A.54: Its purpose was to suppress violence and injustice, and protect the rights of the weak.

Q.55: How was Muhammad sallallaahu alaehe wasallam in his youth?
A.55: He was, in his youth, a combination of the best social attributes. He was in habit of meditation. He kept himself aloof from drinking wine, eating the meat slaughtered for idols and attending idolatrous festivals.

Q.56: Name the ladies whom the Prophet sallallaahu alaehe wasallam called mother after the death of his mother Amina?
A.56: 1) Haleemah As-Sadiyah who suckled him 2) Umm Aiman (may Allah be pleased with her) the slave girl of his father, Who served him for long time 3) Fatimah Bint Asad, wife of his uncle Abu Talib and mother of Ali Bin Abu Talib (may Allah be pleased with him)

Q.57: How many times is the name of Muhammad sallallaahu alaehe wasallam mentioned in the Qu'ran?
A.57: 4 (Four) times.

Q.58: In Torah (old Testament) by which name was the Prophet sallallaahu alaehe wasallam mentioned?
A.58: By the name of Farqaleet.

Q.59: Who were the maternal uncles of the Prophet sallallaahu alaehe wasallam ?
A.59: His maternal uncles were Bani Zuhrah and Bani Adi Bin Najjar.

Q.60: Which way did Muhammad sallallahu 'alaehe wasallam follow before the Prophethood?
A.60: He followed the way of Ibrahim alayhis Salaam.

Q.61: Did Muhammad sallallahu 'alaehe wasallam's uncle Abu Talib accept Islam?
A.61: No, he did not embrance Islam. He died a polytheist.

Q.62: What was the surname of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam?
A.62: His surname was Abul Qasim after the name of his eldest son Qasim as per the Arab custom. Also ibn Hashim.

Q.63: Why Prophet sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam said: I am the offspring of the two slaughtered?
A.63: The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam said it because both Ismael alayhis Salaam son of Ibrahim 'alayhis Salaam and Abdullah son of Abdul Muttalib were offered for slaughtering but Allaah arranged alternative for them and rescued them.

Q.64: What should one say when the Prophet sallallaahu alaehe wasallam's name is mentioned?
A.64: One should pray: sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam (May Allah mention his name and save him from every evil ).

Q.65. Who was Rasulullah's wet nurse?
A.65. Halimah

Q.66. Which is the only month mentioned in the Qur'an?
A.66. Ramadan

Q.67. One that has to wash his/her face, hands and feet before the Salah, what is that called?
A.67. Wudu (Ablution)

Q.68. Which is the 1st Mosque on Earth?
A.68. Masjid e Haram (Khan e Kaba)

Q.69. When did the Prophet SAW die?
A.69. 632 A.D. 12 Rabi ul Awwal 10 Hijri

Q.70. Who neither eats, nor drinks nor sleeps?
A.70. Allah

Q.71. What do the angels do?
A.71. Carry out the orders of Allah

Q.72. What is the Arabic word for Angels?
A.72. Malaikah

Q.73. Name the 7 beliefs in Imanul Mufassal?
A.73. 1) Allah 2) Angels 3) books of Allah 4) Messengers 5) Day of Judgment 6) Destiny (Al Qadr) 7) Life after death.

Q.74. Is it true that Allah doesnt like a person who is proud of themselves?
A.74. True

Q.75. Does a person become a Muslim if they recite the Shahadah without understanding its meaning and sense?
A.75. No

Q.76.Who was Hadrat Ali's (RA) father?
A.76. Abu Talib

Q.77. Who was Hadrat Abu Bakr's (RA) wife?
A.77. Umm Ruman

Q.78. With which foot you should enter the toilet?
A.78. Left

Q.79. When you sneeze , you say what?
A.79. Alhamdulillah

Q.80. What is the second Surah of the Qur'an?
A. Al Baqarah

Q.81. What does Du'ah mean?
A. Supplication to Allah swt

Q.82. Who called Bilqas to Islam?
A.Prophet Suleman (A.S.)

Q.83 What should you say before making a promise?
A. Insha Allah

Q.84. Who was Hadrat Hassan and Hussain's (R.A) mother?
A. Fatimah (R.A)

Q.85. Who was the first man to commit a murder?
A. Qabil, the son of Adam

Q.86 When was wine prohibited?
A. 3 Hijri

Q.87 Name any prophet whose name starts with an A (arabic name)?
A. Adam or Ayyub (A.S.)

Q.88. Name the 2 prophets whose name starts with M?
A. Musa (A.S.) and Muhammad (SAW)

Q.89. On what mountain did Musa (A.S) climb to praise Allah?
A. Mount Sinai

Q.90. Who was Hadrat Usman's (R.A) first wife?
A. Ruqayyah (R.A)

Q.91. In which city is the Hira cave?
A. Mecca

Q.92. In the Fajr, Adhan what is meant by "As sa la tu Khairum mi nan naum"?
A. Salat is better than sleep (you should get up for fajr prayers)

Q.93. Who in the family of Lut (A.S.) refused to believe and follow in Allah?
A. His wife

Q.94. When did the battle of Uhad take place?
A. 3 Hijri

Q.95. Who were the first builders of the Ka'ba?
A. Prophet Ibrahim and his son Isma'eel (A.S.) or where some other sources said it was there from the time of Adam and Hawa. Allahu Alim

Q.96. What does Hijri/Hijrah mean?
A.The islamic calendar year

Q.97. How would you say 'Glory to God,' In arabic?
A. Subhan-Allah

Q.98. In the battle of the Ditch, who gave the idea to dig a ditch?
A. Hadrat Salman al Farsi (R.A)

Q.99. Name the two daughters of Fatima (R.A)?
A. Zainab (R) and Umm Kulthuum (R)

Q.100 Who was the first martyr in Islam?
A. Hadhrat Sumayya (R.A)

Q.101 Who was called Dhun - Nurayn?
A. Uthman bin Affan (R.A)

Q.102 What is the meaning of Khandaq?
A. Ditch / Trench

Q.103. Name the 3 sons of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W):
A. Abdullah , Qasim & Ibrahim

Q.104. How old was the Prophet (S.A.W) when his mother passed away?
A. 6 years

Q.105. Who was the first slave to accept Islam?
A. Zaid bin Harith (R.A)

Q.106. What is regarded as the Key to Salah?
A. Wudhu is The Key to Salah and Salah is the Key to Jannah.

Q.107. Who was the youngest daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W)?
A. Fatima (R.A)

Q.108. Who was known as Saifullah - The Sword of Allah?
A. Hadhrat Khalid bin Walid (R.A)

Q.109. Name 3 wives of the Prophet(S.A.W) whose names starts with a 'S':
A. Hadrat Saudah, Hadhrat Safiyya and Hadhrat Umm Salmah (R.A)

Q.110. Which of the wives of the Prophet (S.A.W) did he also call Humayra?
A. Hadhrat A'isha (R.A)

Q.111. What 'gift' was the Prophet(S.A.W) given on the night of Miraj?
A. The Gift of Salah

Q.112. What does Zam Zam mean?
A. Stop-Stop

Q.113. Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaehe wasallam preached Islam secretly during the first 3 years of his Prophethood. How many people accepted Islam during those 3 years?
A. 40

Q.114. Which Prophet could heal the sick?
A. Isa (Jesus) Alayhis salaam

Q.115. How many ayath (verses) on Sajda (prostat ion) are there in the Qur'an?
A. 14

Q.116. Khadijah RadiAllahu anha, before marriage was called "the chaste", and the mistress of ________?
A. Quraish

Q.118. What is the meaning of Al-Hadi mentioned in the Quran?
A. The Guide

Q.119. How many times is the word 'Allah' repeated in the Qur'an?
A. 2698

Q.120. Who was the first person to greet Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, with Assalamu-Alaikum? Abu Dharr Al-
A. Abu Dharr al Ghiffari

Q.121. Which uncle of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasalam accepted Islam in Makkah and became Shaheed during the battle of Uhud?
A. Hamzah

Q.122. A speech or sermon. It is sometimes used to refer to the sermon given during the Friday congregational prayer is called _______.
A. a Khutbah

Q.123. For how long, Prophet Jesus alayhis salaam preached?
A. 3 years

Q.124. What was the year when the era of the four Righteous Caliphs ended?
A. 40 A.H. (after Hijrah)

Q.125. "Name the cave in which Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and Abu Bakr, Radi-Allahu anhu, took refuge on their way to Madinah?
A. cave Thawr

Q.126. Prophet Ibrahim, alayhis salaam, built the Ka'aba, which prophet built Majid Al-Aqsa?
A. Prophet Sulaiman, alayhis salaam

Q.127. Number of Fard in Dhuhr prayers?
A. 4 Fard

Q.128. What are the three holy cities of Islam?
A. Makkah, Madinah and Jerusalem

Q.129. Who is the man about whom, Allah has said in the Qur'an that his body is kept as an admonishing example for future generations to come?
A. Fir'aun (Pharoah)

Q.130. Number of Fard in Maghrib salah/namaz?
A. 3 fard


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