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A non-Muslim friend of mine asked me “If God exists then why is there evil on this earth?” And “Do Muslims believe in free-will?” Before giving her an answer I would like some feedback from my brothers and sisters.



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Walaykum Salaam
Muslims do believe in freewill.

Also, there is so much evil on this earth because we have freewill, something Allah (SWT) doesn't tamper with (unless He Wills it). Life is a test, also. Tell your friend that any who die before reaching puberty (that includes fetuses) will have an automatic ticket to Jannah (Allah Willing).

Also know that evil is a way for Allah to punish us, to remind us of Him (how many times have you seen people pray and go back to their religion when something bad happens to them?) and it can also be a way for Allah to warn us (for many of the evil happening today are signs of the End Times). He has His reasons.


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Some brother or sister will you give you a detailed answer.

But it is a simple theme that Allah did not want to make us Robots. HE gave us the freedom of choice, to test our Faith. Had there been no evil in the world then that person would be a robot like creature and would not be asking you any question upon his will.

A better answer would be a slap at his face, to tell him that you would not slap if God did not have allowed the evil, (But its just a joke, dont apply it :D ).



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From what I've heard/read, evil mainly exists because of humans' free will. Take for example a young child being brutally murdered.. a non-believer may wonder how God could've allowed it to happen and come to the conclusion that God either doesn't exist or isn't good. This is of course wrong and it's even a contradiciton, because if God interferes and stops a human being from doing something - that being won't have his free will anymore. So to get back to the murderer; if God had interfered, he wouldn't have allowed it to happen - but God didn't since that person has an own will which is what we're tested on and what we'll be questioned about. We've been given a free will and therefore it's obvious that we won't be able to make the perfect choices all the time, but it's important that we rely on God and try to do what's right.

Please forgive and correct me if I've said anything incorrect.


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Thats why all the intention comes from heart.If u have a good heart and of course u will encourage to do good things and if u have a messed up heart and of course u will fall into wrongand bad intention and will do bad things.Good heart comes from true faith and full submission to ALLAH.Sincerity and good heart will guide u to straigh path.All the good things comes from ALLAH and will be guided by HIM and only Him.The angel will encourage us to perform good things and bad things comes from syaitan and will be guided by syaitan and nafs(bad desire).Thats why in the ressurrection day ur mouth will be shut and all body part will answer ALLAH's question against u.NObody can run from it.It stated in the quran.Remember Allah knows everything.He is closer than u think He is.So ask forgiveness a lot and i mean A LOT because as a human we cannot run from doing sins and bad thing.And reciting "istighfar" will make the devil go away and will make them scare of u and will shake of their kingdom!

JazakALLAHU Khair!


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For an unbeliever he believe wut he see n believers have faith over an invisible God.Faith is not judge by names but only by God.


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Allah put shaytan in allah of us so that he can test us when the time comes to make a halal/ haram decision. The evil on this earth is the outcome of our decisions that we make, that's all.We have evilness and corruption on this dunya because allah wants to see who will fight it, and see who will go with it. the ones who fight it, allah with give them rewards, the ones who follow it, have a painful death awaiting. that's all it is to it.

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The Creation is in Need of Allaah


A non-Muslim friend of mine asked me “If God exists then why is there evil on this earth?” And “Do Muslims believe in free-will?” Before giving her an answer I would like some feedback from my brothers and sisters.


wa Alaykum Assalam

Brother in islam....

tell him that
yes every the bad (evil) things that happen in this universe happen by the will of Allaah

You should understand, may Allaah bless you, that some people have been misguided with regard to the issue of al-qadar (the divine will and decree), because they think that if Allaah decrees that an action should happen, that means that He likes that thing, and this leads them to think that evil actions happen outside of the will of Allaah. Thus they attribute weakness and incapability to Allaah, when they say that nothing happens in His dominion that He does not want, and so He may will a thing and it does not happen – exalted be Allaah far above what they say. In fact there is no connection between what Allaah loves and wants in terms what is permissible and not permissible, and what He wills and decrees should happen in the universe. This may be explained Here : (The will and decree of Allaah )

Here useful link 'll Help u to make everything clear to him..insha`Allah

Here :The Creation is in Need of Allaah

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Here: The evidence of the existence of God, and the wisdom behind His creation

Here : Proof Of Allah's Existance from The Noble Quran

and : Learn About Allah, The One and Only God, The Creator and Sustainer of the universe.

and :The Oneness of Allaah

and : On the Importance of Tawhid

i leave u in care of Allah

I'm suprised no one mentioned about Iblis (satan). If you understand the story of the Iblis and the jinns,and understand how life started, it will help answer your question. Iblis like the rest of the jinns has free will. Iblis was one of the better and worthy jinns who was brought up to the heavens. Angels don't have free will, they are obedient to God.

Iblis did not bow down to Adam (pbuh) when Allah (God) told him. Iblis said I am better than him, I am made of fire and he's made of clay. Iblis asked Allah to let him live until the end of time (for Jinns can live and die, have children, just like us humans, and the powers to possess things, and since they are also invisible to us, but we are not invisible to them) and he would make humans sin and not believe in the true Creator (Allah).

So If you understand the purpose of life, the story of the jinns and humans having free will. It will answer all your questions of evil and more.



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tell her if there was no evil in this world then there would be no need for Paradise wouldnt there?....Allah tests us in this world with the evil (which we have brought about with our own hands) to see if we deserve Paradise...



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Dear Sister In Islam,
The Will of Allah is different from Pre-destiny or Qadr. The will of Allah is called "Izn" in Arabic where as predestiny is called "Qadr". It is absolutely true that nothing can happen in the entire creation of Allah (S.W.T ) without his will.

Predestiny does not negate free will and there is no conflict between it and "Izn". Allah has willed to give Humans and Jinn free will and Allah has willed that angels be not given free will. Allah has also willed that those given freewill will be held responsible for the choices that they make and will be held accountable for that.
It is also according to Allah's will whatever choice you make good or Bad. But still the responsibility of the choice is your's. The reason being you exercised that freedom but made a bad choice. The predestiny part is that Allah is aware in advance of the choice that you will make because he understands your soul and he is your creator.

Finally, Although Qadr and Izn are very clear to those with strong faith it may confuse the weak hearted, That that is why Allah's messenger has discouraged people from being too inquisitive abut qadr...And Allah know's best...


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:salah: asslamoalakom

Allah made a test for us,from the whisper Satan Allah tests us if we stay stead fast and ignore Satan.

A non-Muslim friend of mine asked me “If God exists then why is there evil on this earth?” And “Do Muslims believe in free-will?” Before giving her an answer I would like some feedback from my brothers and sisters.


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:salam2: sister:
I think that the wisdom of good and evil will is to test faith within ....the moment a human choose to obey Allah swt and reject evil good the moments of faith and being near to Allah.......while disobeying Allah and choosing bad deeds are the result of lack of faith and being away from Allah swt.:astag: