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    Quran Bangla is a newly designed complete Quran Android App made for Muslims of Bangladesh.

    It presents The Holy Quran with Translation in several languages along with transliteration and audio MP3 recitation feature by world famous Reciter

    Enjoy Recitation of The Holy Quran on your smartphone through This Free to download Quran App

    Its main features are written below

    Download Quran Bangla Android App now

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    App Features:

    Recite Quran through a comfortable app and

    • Change font size, style,

    • Change language which is English other than Bengali,

    • Read Bengali translation of Quran e Kareem,

    • Listen audio recitation in mp3 format of Quran.

    · While Quran reading Easily Bookmark Chapter and Verse of Quran for quick access

    · Easily View Sajdas and Stop Signs and get familiar with important rules of recitation of Qur`an like where to pause or stop, where to pause long and short according to the signs mentioned in stop signs section

    · Search feature provides an easy way to Search particular Chapter of The Holy Quran.

    · Go To Option is very easy and quick feature which leads to to any specific verse within the chapter

    · Read Translation in Bengali along with other languages and Transliteration in English

    · Listen to beautiful audio recitation and find out more features and use your smartphone to recite The Holy Quran daily through this free to install Android Application

    · Find More Features

    · View other features ,Recite Quran whenever you want via this light pocket Quran App

    · Thanks for reading the Post stay Blessed Ameen

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