Quran Quran in Hindi हिन्दी कुरान App with Useful options

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    Quran Hindi हिन्दी कुरानis a useful Android Application that is designed for Muslims of Indian and all Hindi Speaking Muslims. This App provides complete Quran in user friendly options.

    Apps main features includes Translation in Hindi, transliteration in English and MP3 Audio recitation in world famous reciter. Find more features and install it today free of cost

    Download Quran in Hindi हिन्दी कुरान| Application now for your Android Phone

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    Some main features are as follow

    Your Hindi Quran

    You will get complete Quran with 114 ordered Chapters


    Easy to use Interface with useful navigational gears/buttons.

    App Language

    Change App language to Hindi or English as per user understandings


    Translation of The Holy Quran in other languages than Hindi including English, Italian, Urdu, Indonesian, Chinese, French, Persian, and Spanish

    Transliteration and Recitation:

    Read Transition and listen audio recitation of Quran Sharif MP3 format in Heart Touching Voice

    Customization Options

    Change Theme which includes font style and size for convenient visibility of Quran Alphabets

    Bookmark feature

    You can quickly bookmark any verse or chapter and can resume your recital when you need.

    Sajdas & stop Signs

    Stop Signs and Sajdahs (Bows) are an important things related qto Quran reading, which are included to familiarize the user with the basics of Quran which are core parts in the understanding of The Holy Quran

    Go to Option:

    Go to option is placed in the app for quick access to the verse or Chapter of Quran.

    Stay BlessedDownload this light Pocket Quran Application and earn blessings from its recitation.

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