Article Real meaning of Tawakkul (Putting trust in God)

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    Real meaning of Tawakkul (Putting trust in God):allahuakbar:

    By Mohammad Rafique Etesame

    Almighty Allah Says in the holy Quran,”And whosoever putts his trust in Allah, He will suffice him” (At-Talaq :3), also Says,”In Allah let believers put their trust” (Al-Maidah :11).

    According to the teachings of Islam, every faithful believer should put his trust in Allah Almighty every time and in any event. Human being is a weak and helpless creature and seeks someone who can support him and can solve his problems. So, Allah Almighty is the best Supporter and the best Helper of a faithful believer as the above mentioned verses reveal. He is the absolute King of the universe and is able to do all things and nothing can be done without His will and command. If He wants someone to take him in profit, then there is none to loss him, and if He wants to loss anyone, then there is none to profit him. So it is necessary to a faithful believer to put his trust always in Allah Almighty.

    This is the Divine law that every work and need of human being is fulfilled by some sources and means. For example, Allah has promised for provision to mankind, but it can be had only by business, services or by someone’s help, though Allah can send it down directly from the heaven, but it is against His law. And mankind has to make efforts to gain it through sources.

    But the real tawakkul or trust is that the mankind should put his trust in always Allah though there are no apparent sources he finds for his requirements.

    Because Allah is the Causer of causes, and the One who can causes things to be done. His decree is first, then it is decided that by which means it will be enforced.

    So a faithful believer should make a supplication to Allah Almighty asking for his needs and desires and should not think about their apparent origins. Then Allah will fulfill them according to His wisdom and destiny. The holy Quran reveals, “But His command, when He intends a thing, is only that he says unto it: Be! And it is” (ya Sin: 82).

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