Real Reason Why Russia is Poisoning and Assassinating People


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Assalamu Alaykum,

In the news recently is the story of Former Russian security agent Alexander Litvinenko who was poisoned and is in critical condition in hospital. Several weeks ago a Russian journalist was also killed in an assassination.

These people died because they were exposing the truth about Russia and its evil policies in Chechnya and their continuing murder of Muslims there.

Alexander Litvinenko has testified that it was Russia that blew up the Apartment Blocks in Moscow. It was the FSB which murdered 100s of Russians in order to blame Muslims and thus invade Chechnya. Putin wanted to get re-elected, and part of his plan at that time was to have the buildings blown up in order for him, ex-KGB and self named "hardman" to take on the Chechens.

As for Anna Politkovskaya she too campaigned against Russian regime for its policies and war crimes in Chechnya.

Putin is a murderer, and it wont be long till the world knows how brutal his regime is - and the fact that Russia has ethnically cleansed 1/4 of all the Chechen Muslim people.

marzuki mohamed

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"..our hope and dua goes to all our mujahideen under the command of Dokku and bro & sis there..we hope they can still holding up strong there..althought they (russia) has destroy everything..and its very hard to live there at this moment.."



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There was a story last week of yet another poisoning of a political Russian, this time in Ireland. That makes three, including Litvinenko's friend. It is starting to look like a rather large coincidence. I would like to know why they're targeting people visiting the UK and Ireland though... are our security and law enforcement really so notoriously lax?

Abdul Hasib

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I heard that Litvinenko died last week or before on the BBC. May mercy be on Litvanenko for striving for the truth. And I Hope those who poisoned him DIE FROM A PIERCING FEVER AND BURN IN THE FIRES OF HELL! MAY THE ANGELS BEAT & SMITE THEIR FACES!


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Abdul Hasib: You shouldn't hope for something like that. Let Allah deal out the punishments.

To all: Remember that not every single person in Russia, the Russian Government, or the Russian Army are evil.



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As-salaamu alaikum,

You have got to be kidding me. If this is true then there truly seems to be some war against Muslims and Islam for no reason at all. This is just mind boggling, that Shaiytan is just taking over causing hatred towards those who follow Allah. May God help us all.