Question: Removing extra hair on body


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Assalamualaikum dear all I have a question again. Actually my younger son is one and a half year old and since he was born he has lots and lots of hair on his body face forehead and hands.. My sister told me that these hairs can be removed by doing a massage on his body with chick pea flour and other ingredient. So today I massaged him but he cried a lot and then I thought to ask u people that what is ialamic ruling on removing such hairs from a baby's body and face.. I mean is it a sin or its ok I'm doing so coz i think it is a kind of beautyfication for him. But I wanted to know the Islamic ruling. So that I don't disgrace my lord. Please reply soon


~Wa'alaikumussalam sister,i don't see anything wrong with that but I would strongly advice you to wait until your tot a little older just to get him understand what is going on to tolerate the treatment.
Pity him, give him a good treat of candy,chocolate and ice cream after that.
~Wassalam :)