Removing the obstacle


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Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah

A qualified medical worker from India emigrated to Canada to live a better life. This Muslim brother had a beard. He applied to many different places for a job and was called for interviews. Though he was highly qualified for the jobs, the interviewers hesitated to hire him because of his beard. One by one, he was rejected from all the companies.

One interviewer actually mentioned to him indirectly that his beard was an obstacle to getting the job. Trully, it was a big test for him from Allah. Hopeless and exhausted, the brother decided to remove the obstacle, which was to shave off his beard. Then he returned to that company and requested for another interview. When the interviewer saw him without a beard this time, he refused to give him the job again. The brother became confused and asked to know the reason.

The interviewer said:
"If you are not faithful to your God, how will you be faithful to us?"

This true incident was narrated to us by a friend who personally knows this brother, however, his identity will remain private. In reality, obeying the commandments of Allah does not bring failure. In the beginning, we may face various problems, but the end results will be very sweet. Rasulullah also faced many problems in the beginning, but in the end, he saw how hundreds and thousands of people turned towards Allah for his steadfastness. Ibn 'Umar, , said: "Rasulullah , ordered us to trim closely the mustache and leave the beard as it is (that is grow the beard)." (Reported in Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim.)


to Allah we belong

jazaak Allah khair brother.

yes, for example we can lie for our family or friends, but they'll loose respect for us. if later we'll tell them about Islam, deep inside they'll think " oh...he lies and now he acts very righteous".