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A whole nation and race of muslims is at risk of extinction... you sure know about it already more than I do! O Allah Rohingya muslims have no one besides You!

The ongoing massacre of our brothers in Myanmar is the newest yet test of "us" muslims and we have failed it!

Allah(SWT) will surely ask me of how I helped them when in need and this thread will not help me! May Allah save me from the consequences of neglecting my duties towards other muslims!

Why isn't the muslim world taking actions about this obvious genocide? It's no SURPRISE!

It's a trend! A whole muslim country(Yemen) is being destroyed by a coalition of muslims and I don't even think muslims pray for them in prayers in mosques!

These rich oversized muslims on thrones will surely not come to our help... I've never had any hopes in men wearing clothes as long as a woman garment should be!

I have hopes in me and the 1 billion remaining muslims and I place my trust in Allah in these dark moments

Abu Juwairiya

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In the face of today's circumstances in Myanmar where the PM is very anti Rohingiya, I thought it be a good reminder to show what her father (an earlier PM in the 1940s) said more than seventy years ago. It was not specifically about the Muslims in general or the Rohingiya, but more about homogeneity, being united, peaceful co existence and learning to love one another.

It was said about two months before he was assassinated.

"Only true democracy can work for the real good of the people, real equality of status and opportunity for everyone, irrespective of class or race or religion or sex. . . .

There must be provisions [in the Constitution] for the fundamental rights of citizens irrespective of race, religion or sex. . . .

[N]obody can deny that the Karens are . .. a national minority. . . . Therefore, we must concede to them the rights of a national minority. . . .

Now, when we build our new Burma shall we build it as a Union [federation] or a Unitary State?

In my opinion, it will not be feasible to set up a Unitary State. We must set up a Union with properly regulated provisions as should be made to safeguard the rights of National Minorities. We must take care that ‘United we stand’ not ‘United we fall’.

(23 May 1947, League Convention)

He added two months later and one month before his death-

"[T]he constitution shall guarantee and secure to all the peoples of the Union justice, social, economic and political; equality of status, of opportunity, and

before the law freedom of thought, expression, belief, worship, subject to law and public morality
[and] provide adequate safeguards for minorities."

(17 June 1947, Speech to the Constituent Assembly)
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