Sacrifices and Focus of Fatima (rad)


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This is an excerpt from one of Umar Palanpuri’s speeches. Its translated more or less. My notes are in brackets.

Once Abu Bakr and Omar came out of their houses because of acute hunger. The Prophet (saw) also joined them and they went together to the house of Abu Ayub. He later slaughtered a goat and offered it to them. Prophet (saw) took a piece of meat, placed it in a loaf and said, “Abu Ayub, take this to Fatimah, she has not tasted the like of this for days.” [Ibn Hibban]

Try to understand? Its Prophet (saw) the one who advised on the rights of a wife. And with his own daughter there are three days of hunger. And its not mentioned anywhere that he reprimanded Ali (rad) saying to him that there are clear verses in Quran that highlight the rights of the wife. And you have kept my daughter in this poor condition.

She has to use mill to grind flour . [Bukhari]
And my daughter has to carry water in water bag. [Abi Dawud-Weak narration]

And Ali you lack any concern (for my daughter). This is no where to be found that Prophet (saw) said such and such. Rather when Fatima requested for servant (to assist her in chores), Prophet (saw) didn’t provide a servant but gave repetitions in remembrance of Allah. (Famous as Tasbih Fatima) There were many servants available but Prophet (saw) didn’t provide one servant (to his own daughter). [Bukhari]

Ali (rad) was so occupied with the demands of religion that he wouldn’t get that much time to spend on earning. And he wasn’t lazy or weak. Door in battle of Khaybar which required 40 men to raise, Ali (rad) alone raised it and threw it [Seerah Ibn Ishaq and Bayhaqi; weak narration but Scholars are lenient in narrating them. And who will deny Ali (rad)’s strength?] . He used to hold this much physical strength. And you are saying he wouldn’t be able to apply this strength in trade (earning)?

Even with our Prophet (saw) no one can say that he (saw) didn’t know how to do business. Prophet (saw) expanded Khadijah’s business and provided her greater profits indicating he (saw) knew how to trade. Prophet (saw) herded goats, knew how to trade ie businessman even though these were occupations before Prophethood. So question comes why did these difficulties (of hunger etc) come? It wasn’t because of not knowing how to do business. Rather it was due to fulfilling the demands of this religion (practicing and propagating it due to which) in their fate difficulties came about and they couldn’t devote that much time to trade. They tolerated the difficulty but they didn’t forego demands of Allah’s religion.

So Prophet (saw) didn’t ask Ali why are these difficulties coming to my daughter? And (in this predicament) rights of wife are being fulfilled. This is despite being in state of difficulty. On day of judgement, Ali will not be held accountable. Why did you leave your wife in such deprived situation?

This is because even the wife ie Fatima her focus was also the same. That Islam be alive (practiced and propagated) in this world and this is why Allah has sent us here. Due to this, my husband doesn’t have that much time to spend on earning due to which in our fate had to experience difficulty, so we will have our share (rewards in the hereafter for) this difficulty. The station at which my husband will be in heaven I will also be at that station.

This was mentality of women of that time. Our sustainer is Allah. Allah is one who enlightens lives. When Allah decides to bless someone’s life, even with little money they are blessed. When Allah decides to destroy someone’s life, despite having lot of money Allah can destroy their lives. Allah is doer of everything.

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