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My name is Richard, I am a revert to Islam, Alhumdillah! I am a Sargent in the Army National Guard, veteran of Operations Noble Eagle and Iraqi Freedom (came to Islam during OIF), and am blessed to be here. Still get funny looks sometimes at the local Masjid (6'4, white,) and make no bones about being military, for now. And my wonderful brothers in the Masjid have not either, Alhumdillah, I praise Allah (SWT) for their acceptance and patience in helping me to learn the deen. I look forwad, Inshallah, to talking and dialoging with everyone!

Wa Salaam,
Richard (Abdullah)


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:SMILY206: to the Forum! And Congratulations on coming to Islam!
Hope you have fun and benefit InshaAllah..

:wasalam: :) :)


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Salam alai kum brother Abdullah

Mashallah, Allah Azawajal has surely blessed you with the religion of Islam.

May Allah keep you on the straight path.



Salaam brother Richard. :hijabi:

Congratulations on embracing Islam. May you benefit from TTI as we all have.



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:salam2: hope u learnt more about islam
and i wish u have best journey in islam way.
i know in same case u face problem but be sure Allah help u n s with u
take care of urself. ur sister in islam


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Salam Alekum brother
Welcome to ISLAM and TTI.. Congrats... May Allah keep u guided to the right path and make it easy for u in this world and the hereafter.. ameen.. May u benefit from this site InshAllah :)
Enjoy ur stay :D
Take care


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:SMILY206: :SMILY206: :SMILY206: brother! Hope you enjoy your stay here and benifit from the wonderful forums here at TTI!! Welcome again and may Allah make your transition a smooth and easy one (Ameen)!!



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Assalam-o-alikum brother Abdullah (Richard),

Welcome to Islam and to TTI. I am very happy to read about your reversion to Islam. MashaAllah ! You must be a very blessed person who could study and understand the teachings of Islam during a war and then accept it too. Allah guides whoever he wants and whenever he wants and whereever he wants, and this is a proof.

Brother why don't you post your story about how you were exposed to Islam, how you accepted it, and then what was the reaction of your collegues etc in the army and outside the army regarding your reversion. It would be very interesting and inspiring to read.

This reminds me a story of an army specialist Terry Holdbrooks who was a guard at Guantanamo and accepted Islam.

Brother Abdullah, please do not hassitate to ask any question you might have. There are many people here who have good knowledge about Islam and we are all try to help each other in learning our deen.



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Salam, welcome brother!!
I just wanted to thank you for your service in our beautiful military and thanks to Allah (swt) that you found Islam!!