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  • wsalam wr wb
    m fine Alhumdulillah
    n gud to know that u keep smiling ......may Allah keep u smiling alwayz....
    wsalam wr wb:):):):):):):)
    Assallamu alaykum
    lol subhanaAllah your still the same Abu hurairah!!!!! lol
    hehe never fails to put a smile on my face
    my dear little brother im feeling kinda better now Alhamdulillah :)
    Aurr oh yh you to muskuraate rahoo inshaAllah
    Aur apna bohot ziayada khayal rakhna
    dw i won't copy you all there's only one ruki4eva haha
    i don't think there will be another 1 here if there is
    i should get ready for war!!! hahaha:D (kidding:p)
    forgive me for not keeping in touch yaar
    and for making you all worried i missed you all so much wallahi
    seriously im so happy its a gift to have brothers and sisters
    in islam that feel the same pain Ameen ya Rabb!!!!
    inshaAllah i recover soon may Allah keep me strong and patient
    and all of us Ameen
    hope everything is going good for you
    hope you are all good hope family is good lol
    Assallamu alaykum awwww haha Abu hurairah
    i didn't know its you
    awwwww u can take my signature brother :)
    i missed you all so much
    hope ur well and forgive me for making you worried
    i ddnt come online for some time
    hope your well
    and Alhamdulillah yes nice username
    (time for a change lol i think i should change mines too:p)
    jus kidding yaar
    take care
    Walaikkumusalamu warahmatulahi wabarakatu!!

    HEYYY!!! lool cool username, mashaALLAH! im good alhumdulillah!! lool i was wondering who you were, lool. so how are u? u finished exams? imn just staring them next weeek!!! its soo scary. make lots of dua for me, kk? kk wasalamu alaikkum warahmatulahi wabarakatu!!
    Walekum Salam..
    Alhamdulillah am fine.. Hope ur well too Inshallah.. I knw lng time...sry 4 da late reply been busy with summer classes.. lolz u too.. u change ur nickname.. is diz some sorta game been playing.. lolz... hope 2 hear frm u inshallah

    Take care :)
    Asalamu alaykum

    Great name and insha Allah i'll start pretending:D Alhamdulilah i'm doing great brother jazak Allahu khayra for asking:D

    Asalamu alaykum

    wow so Abu Hurairah is your real name? amazing, though i kinda like the "786" coz i have seen a lot of people use it and i don't know why but it awesome.:D

    Wa alaykumus salam!
    Really? I had really no idea! Thank God I didn't put my own name.."phew"!
    Yes, I am not curious anymore..:D
    About the thread.. No brother, there is no need to search it for me.. It will just waste your time...I will search it myself.
    Take care BIG bro.
    Wa alaykumus salam BIG brother!..:D

    786?? What? Really! From where did you hear such a thing? Sounds like a myth to me...!! Anyways, its nice to have a change after sometime... Keeps our brains refreshed..;)
    Er.. I didn't understand! How will your name appear all over google?
    "Just curious"..:D

    Take care as well, brother.
    looool, yea I knw ur name now:):)
    aaaww, that is sweet akhi, thanks I feel honoured, I am excited talking to u too:D:Dloool, it's ok, dont try to find, I dont knw wat it's NEVA used it,neva will, and as loong as it's bad...I wud rather NOT knw abt it!!!
    o0oh, sorry...I projected on u wat u used call our beloved ukhti Zaynab huh??soooorry, I took it back now!loool
    no worries abt late replies:D:D
    I dont mind 'em, anyways, loool, we dont say *toilet* here we use *restroom*loool
    Gosh, this reminds me abt TYra's show on "slam dog Millionare"loool....anyways,
    Gud night and sleep well akhi, sweeet dreams, and inshaAllah we'll talk soon:D
    Allah hafiz now and always my little bro!ameen
    Salamu Alaikum:D
    o0h got it!!! gosh, it was tiring to read man, soo long! (iam kidding) :D:D:D
    ok, now I understand, so abu hurraira was your real name???lool, I neva thought it was bc I thought u like that sahabi and u named urself after him!loool, I guessed WRONG!!
    o0h, got everything now, but walahi, u can fool ppl like this, they'll wonder where u went when u r actually sitting on "their FRIENDS list"lool
    o0h, ok one other question, what is up with 786?? I neva knew wat it means or is supposed to mean?? (I knw, iam a little behind) but do inform me:)
    lastly, AlhamduliAllah I am doing great, thanks for asking akhi:D:D
    >>ps>> u excited abt something bc us seem like u r yelling(in a happy way ofcourse)lool
    HINT, look at ur response on my vm:D:D:D:D:D
    keep it coming akhi, I looove excitements, I get excited toooo!!!!!!!!!!
    Allah hafiz my little winny, tinny brother(no offense intended!!!)
    Assalamu Alaikum akhi:D
    I didnt ask this but I am gonna ask NOW, so wat's up with name change, I also noticed you changed your avater, and wat is under your username(daa'ee of Allah)something like that:D
    wat?? u started a new life here @ TTI, got bored with the "same old stuff"lool....
    I am jst asking akhi, *currious* hope u dont mind me asking SOOO many question!!!!
    Allah hafiz now and always!
    Wa alaykumus Salam warahmatulahi wabarakatahu.
    Yeah cool username! Keep it up!...;) Got tired of the previous one, akhi??..:D
    Teeny weeny! Lolz1 thats hilarious... makes me look like a 5-year old!!!..:D
    May Allah bless you as well. Ameen and JazakAllah Khairan for your duas..
    wa-alaykuma salaam wr wb

    Alhamdulilah i'm doing great brother, of course i do recognize you brother. How are you brother? jazak Allahu khayra brother. And that thread you showed masha Allah it is awesome, i like it. oh wait a minitue, "Abu Hurairah? what?" i actually didn't recognize you. I just read sis fada_all's post below me. And i'm like what? why did you changed Abu Hurairah? it was a nice name:(

    wa alikom assalam dear akhi

    oh so greatttttttttttttttttttt im so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, in fact i didn'i konw you at first !! u have changed ur username !! thats sounds fantastic wow!!!!!!!!!!!! thx so much akhi for ur mesg , my mother now is so fine alhamdoliallah ,im alhamdolillah ok, and u how r u doing ?? and ur family akhi ?? hope all r so fine ... take care of ur self , an jazaka allah every khair here and in life after ....may allah reward u with al jaannah ..
    fi amani allah wa hifdih...i love u for allah's sake......................
    ur sis khadija
    Wa akaykumus Salam akhi!
    Teeny weeny??! Lolz! Thats a nice nick name..:D
    I am Alhamdulillah fine brother. JazakAllah Khairan for asking. How are you doing??? I hope that InshaAllah you are doing fine as well...
    I see you have changed your username as well! Nice one!..;)
    May Allah bless you. Ameen.
    yukh! darn it!!! sorry I thought I posted on urs:) thanks for understanding tho:D:D:D
    yea, it's nice:D NO "thanks" accepted,lool
    ok, gud night and sleeep well:D:D
    Allah hafiz now and always:D
    ameen to ur dua:)
    life is BORING! but AlhamduliAllah, iam enjoying my holidays wif my TTI family:) wat an enjoyment that is! it's like going to disney world:D:D:D
    AlhamduliAllah akhi NO complains all is well, jst been at home and on TTI as for nw:)
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