Allahu Akbar! Seeking God

Fauzia Sultana

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A devotee traveled for 40 days to visit God. He used to fast during the day and stay up at night. Due to I'tikaaf, he was completely cut off from God's creation. All his time was spent in sighing and mourning
On the 36th night this devotee heard a voice: At 6 o'clock in the evening, go to the copper shop in the copper market and visit God *
Abid reached the copper market before the appointed time and started looking for this copper maker's shop in the streets of the market, he says. "I saw an old woman holding a copper cauldron and showing it to every copper maker."
She wanted to sell it. The copper maker who showed her cauldron would weigh it and say: 4 riyals will be found - the old woman said: I will sell it for 6 riyals. No copper maker was willing to give her more than 4 riyals.
At last the old woman came to a copper maker. The copper maker was busy with her work. The old woman said: I have brought this vessel for sale and I will sell it for 6 riyals.
The copper maker asked why only six riyals ??? The old woman, speaking from the heart, said: My son is ill, the doctor has written a prescription for him which costs 6 riyals.
The copper maker took the cauldron and said: Mother, this cauldron is very good and very valuable. If you want to sell, I will buy it for 25 riyals!
The old woman said: Are you making fun of me? He said no, "I will really pay twenty-five riyals." He took the pot and put it in the old woman's hand for 25 riyals! The old woman, very surprised, hurried to her house praying.
Abid says, "I was watching the whole affair. When the old woman left, I said to the copper shopkeeper:
Uncle, guess you don't know business? Almost all the people in the market weighed the copper pot and no one valued it more than 4 riyals. And you bought it for 25 riyals
The old copper maker said:
I didn't buy the utensils. I paid her to buy her baby prescription. I paid her to take care of her baby for a week. It's not time to sell -
Abid says I was thinking so much that an unseen voice came in,
"No one can get the privilege of visiting me by killing. Hold the fallen and hold the hand of the poor. We will come to your aid ourselves."
May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala grant us success in action.