Seen any Muslim TV Series and Dramas?


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I am not talking about Muslim Movies which are also nice. But, now I wonder if you have seen any Islamic TV Series, whether historical or dramas?

If yes, can you name and share a short review for them? The reason I am asking is, I started watching them lately and I am enchanted by them.

Here's a list of what I have seen so far (you can also freely watch them online because the websites stream the tv series with the permission of IRIB):

Saint Mary

Joseph, the Prophet

the Men of Angelos

the Ladder of the Sky

5 KM from Heaven

All the above dramas were historical tv series except the last one, and I loved them all. And I plan to watch more at weekends.

What about you? Have you seen any Muslim TV series? If yes, can you name and share a short review for them?

Thanks in advance.


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Selamun Aleykum,

I think I saw Saint Mary long ago. I used to watch a lot of Islamic TV series on Samanyolu. My favorite one was Mavi Ruya. I guess you can count it as Islamic because it has Islamic morals.

Basically, there was this secret evil organization that was trying to find some sort of potion for immortality. And this organization kept harassing a certain family because it wanted to experiment on one of the daughters. So this family kept running away but somehow this organization always caught up with them. In the end, the organization members convert to Islam and everything was fine. Good old days.


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I'm an Asian and I used to watch a seriel on an Indian channel. It's not really an Islamic series I guess, I'm not sure what to call it actually. The casts played as Muslim characters in the seriel and it was based on a Muslim family.

We used to watch it regularly back then.

Abu Juwairiya

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Among the recent ones that have some credibility to them include Ertugrul, Osman and Abdul Hamid. All are found in the Kayi website.