Selections From The Seerah.

Abu Fauzi

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Peace to you all,
In Ayat 21 of Surat Ahzab (33:21) of the Holy Qur'an, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala says:--


Thus the Prophet, peace be upon him, is the example for all Muslims to follow. To best follow his example, we need to comprehensively understand the personality of the Prophet, peace be upon him. Indeed, in him we will find the best example of a politician, statesman, husband, father, judge or army-commander and so on...

In view of the foregoing, find hereby attached Al-Khilafah publications piece of work titled "Selections From The Seerah Of The Prophet, Peace be upon him", for your perusal and use, as certainly there are numerous lessons for us therein.


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Abu Juwairiya

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"He [The Prophet SAW] was good looking, decent, humble and soft hearted. He was not a narrow minded and hard person. Quarrelling was not his habit. He never spoke obscene words. To condemn others or praise someone excessively was beyond the pale of his character. He expressed indifference to unnecessary things, but he was never given to pessimism."

(Muslims Character by M Al Ghazali, P 23, 1991)