Self-gratification (Minor illicit sexual activity)

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    It is loudly proclaimed in the Grand Qur’ān:


    • Our Majesty have not neglected mentioning in the Book (Grand Qur’ān) any thing relevant to the audience. [Refer 6:38]
    Sexuality is one of the subjects that are most relevant to humanity. And one topic on sexuality which most people are uncomfortable to talk about is masturbation. It is the reason that there is proliferation of slang phrases to talk about it. There are depictions of male and female masturbation in prehistoric rock paintings around the world.

    Keeping in view the extent of the claim in the aforementioned sentence of Ayah 6:38, it would be hard to think the neglect of mentioning this topic as self-gratification is known since thousands of years in human history. However, it is a subject that is talked about through Euphemisms.

    Recently, sonographic observations of male fetus started a debate that showed movements of hand touching/stroking genitals resembling common practice of stroking for sexual pleasure usually to orgasm.

    In Arabic sexual activities, explicit or implicit, are mentioned by words stemming from Root: ف ح ش. that relates to Semantic domain: Immoderate behaviour.

    The basic perception is that of indulging in excessive, immoderate, or beyond measure with reference to generally or universally accepted norms, limits and measures of behaviour. The perception and meanings of the Root have built in subjective and relational element. Moreover, because the excessive, immoderate and extremist tendencies are universally looked upon with dislike, abomination, repulsiveness, and unacceptability, therefore, it has inherent negative element.


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