Short Poems


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Assalaamu 'alaikoum warhamatuAllaah,

I should start writing down some of these again - it's not the quality of the product I say, it's how it makes you feel after you've written it - and almost always, I felt quite relieved after I've finished these little pieces.

Lead Apron
Shield me from the good and the wonderful
The words and the thoughts
Shield me from beauty and love
The scenes and the emotions
Shield me from serenity and tranquility
The peace and the harmony
Shield me from myself and that significant other
The true and honest
Shield me from sanity and common sense
The inquiry and the knowledge
Shield me from reason and wisdom
The question and the answer
Shield me from life
The people and the land
Shield me. Destroy me
And for the first time,
Breathe life into me
March 12, 2003

Not a word. Not in a million years
I confess,
I haven’t been loyal, honest or faithful
I confess,
I am not perfect, innocent or unique
I confess,
I hate you, along with life and tomatoes
I confess,
I don’t want to end world hunger, homicide or achieve world peace
I confess,
I am selfish, self-centered, immature and empty
I confess,
I love no one but myself, and love nothing but the created-to-perfection clouds
I confess,
I am insignificant, ruthless and impassive
To that and more,
I confess
Weakling, where do you fit into all of this?
February 9th, 2003​