Some people who are not to be called Kafirs

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    Salam Alikom,
    Some brothers asked for references so here they are.

    This is a big problem, as I talked to many I found that many Muslims dont know the truth and they just know the point of view of their Shaikh. Alhamdolilah many changed their point of view after I talked to them or lets say after delivering to them the words of our greatest scholars which are the companions and the followers beside others.

    In Arabic there is something called Mobalagha, Majaz, Tashbeeh all of these are a way of speaking the word which wont have the same meaning as it sound,(1) a close example in English is when I say I am going to hit the road soon, in the U.S. that means I am leaving, if somebody does not know the language he would think that I will grab a hammer and start hitting the road soon! Thats why a scholar in Islam has to be a scholar in many things beside Islam which includes Arabic (2).

    The word Kafir (Disbeliever) can be used as a Kafir, who is not a Muslim any more or a one who made a huge sin that out of exaggeration we say it is a Kufur, such in English I could say someone is too strong he could kill an army. Example of our prophet prayers and peace be upon him said in an authentic hadeeth that is narrated by Ibn Masood in both Bokhari and Muslim that cussing a Muslim is Fosooq that means it is a major sin and killing a Muslim is a Kofr (3), which means it is even more than the major sins, as I mentioned before this is used out of exaggeration as ibn Hajar said.(4)

    The word Kufor had the same meaning in Surat al Maida in verse 44 as ALL the scholars said. No body had a different interpretation except Khawarij who said that Ali is a Kafir. In Tafsseer Ibn Katheer that Tawoos and Ibn Abbas said that this is not the Kofr that will take somebody out from the religion(5). Ataa also said in Ibn Jareer that this is not a Kufur as the hadeeth of killing a Muslim is Kufur. and there is another narration from Ibn Abbas that if the leader denys the rulling of Allah then it is Kufur (6) but if he doesn't do it and knows that he is wrong it is a major sin such a person for example drink liqueur is different than a person who says liqueur is Hallal...In Qurtobi Ibn Masood and Mojahid said the same (7) thing and no other companion said something different again except the Khawarij who are the dogs of the Hell fire as our prophet prayers and peace be upon him described them (8) so it is really something serious.

    Please note when you talk to a person about this matter be soft with them and remember they could be mislead-ed and when they know the truth they will follow it, then there is the other extreme who made the leaders as God they have to follow their orders even if it is Haram or Fard Ain and the disaster both of these groups call themselves Salafies and they dont follow the salaf and I noticed that many of them are not sincere and seeks attention from others and Allah knows best. Now dont think I am a shaved person, no Alhamdolilah I have a long beard and love to wear Dishdash but this is our deen. Brothers and Sisters buy Explanations of Quran and read what the scholars and the companions said who our propeht prayers and peace be upon him prayed for them, at their time Allah gave us victory and made us the leaders of the world Tafaseer are Qurtobi, Ibn Kather, Tabari... etc Prayers and peace upon our prophet Mohammad

    Pls Note: Ok that does not mean that we make the leaders as god as we follow them in haram. If something is Fard Aid their is no obedience to anybody in Haram or leaving a Fard, as it clearly stated in the authentic hadeeth.

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