something that came to mind while taking a CPR class


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So I had to take a Basic life support class and while they were teaching us how to use an AED the thought came to mind, so lets say you are in the mall and your mom,sister,wife who is a hijabi or even niqabi passes out and helps arive with the need to defibrillate while in a public area,lets say a mall,park etc, this will require them taking off her clothes down to her skin to attach the defribulator. lets say the defribulation is really neccessary and inshallah will save her life; what would you do in such a instance,im sure theres some kind of fatwah out there on it..but I am asking personally what action do you think would be permissible.
i was just thinking about it,
well hope your having a great day
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I donno any fatwa but I personally would take off her clothes in order 2 safe her life bc her life is more important now than her hijab or Niqab...just my opinion


I don't have my evidence but from what I've heard, instances that bring a persons life into danger and all that can be done to save it have to be's one of those times that when the not permissible is permissible to fit the situation...and you can always asked the medics to be as discrete as possible ... Hope that helps inshallah..and inshallah all is well

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i think it wont be a mistake to take of her clothes at that instance...because..well religion is not a burden for any1,and one should always try to save the life Allah swt has given us..and also at times of necessity the unpermissible becomes permissible..its permissible to eat unhalaal food if your going to die of hunger,so the same should apply here..i think..correct me if im wrong..


Allah will decide
That's easy, you do what is needed and there is no sin in it.

One of the things that most forget, is that you "take the good and throw out the bad....."

Or, you can do like some muslim countries, just let her die in front of you.

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Assalamualeikum everybody,
these situation is called 'harus', besides halal & haraam 'harus' is where the help is more important but to avoid embarrassment from the patient, some volunteers
are needed to cordon round the area - its ok looked by some then all.


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From my understanding, the hijab is for protection and Islam prohibits any kind of unnecessary contact between the opposite gened except in medical situations. In that case it wouldn't be haram because the person is not intending to do anything but save the life. It's just like doctors and how they take care of patients which is for medical reasons. During the time of rasulullah(saaws) there were females who worked and helped the sick, wounded, etc. I even read a hadith in which a woman asked the prophet if she could touch the ill person even though it's the opposite gender and he said "of course you can".

In emergency situations and health issues it is a different story because no harm is intended by it. And Allah knows best.


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I have actually witnessed a situation like this and there is no is sacred and must be preserved. What difference does modestly make if we are talking about death and life? It seems fairly straightforward to her life and then tell her you were sorry it was necessary to expose her. I honestly don't think anyone would be angry at you for saving their life.