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Assamu Alaikum to all,

I've been on this site for a few months, but have posted only twice, since I am mostly to scared and not knowledgable enough to write. I must thank Islamfajr and Mabsoot who have been very generous with their time and very helpful. :)

I've been very interested in Islam, and lately, have felt more of a "push" to do something. So I am trying to learn to pray, even though I don't read Arabic.

My idea is to memorize the prayers (in transliteration given on this wonderful site and in English). Do you think this is a good idea? Thanks for all of your replies!


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yes that would be a good idea. but also try to learn it in arabic inshallah. but take things step by step. don't rush. and welcome to the site. peace.


Subhana Allah!
asalamu alaykum
:SMILY206::SMILY206::SMILY206: to ISLAM & TTI, it is soooo good to have u with us. yeah i think that is good idea to. coz that is the only way u can learn it. may Allah makes it eazy 4 & increase ur knowledge ameen:tti_sister:

wishing u the best side of islam insha Allah


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Hi boot...

I would advise you to keep your prayers, and/or to pray regularly, however you currently do so. Though some may disagree with me on the particulars, I believe that the most important thing to do is to communicate, pray, meditate with God - Allah - and to do so seeking guidance. Ask that He expand your knowledge, preserve your faith, and guide you rightly. Reference al-Fatiha - the opening of the Qur'an... let it be your mantra, as it were.

I believe that you will be guided rightly.

Cheers, brother.

nori suja'i

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wa'alaikumsalaam brother,
there's nothing impossible before u try
my mother tounge is not arabic but since i'm a muslim i just learn - practise make perfect. insyaAllah u'll know