Splitting the Ummah... WHY?


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Splitting the Ummah

You say you’re a Muslim yet you try to divide the Ummah.

You divide it by saying Arabs, Pakistanis, Bengalis and Gujarat’s should live separate lives.
You say that we are all different, maybe so yet we are still Muslims.

Traditions, culture and nationalism are wrong it’s just the way we were raised we are Muslims not a Pakistani, Gujarati or Bengali!

The numeral 786 in no way represent ‘Bismillahi Rahmaani Raheem’ and is not the Sunnah way. 'Bismillahi Rahmaani Raheem' great significance in the Quran and Muslims are ordered to begin any work but in the names Allah, not in the number of '786' or any other substitution.

Pakistanis use their flag to celebrate EID (what’s that got to do with anything – its not Pakistan celebrations it’s EID!).

The older generation still haven’t grasped the idea of true Islam they just believe what they were taught back home onto us. This culture and tradition must stop, they must understand we are all one and not blame each others backgrounds.

I have so much to discuss yet so little time and space! We need to teach the elders now and younger generation to come that we must change the way we live in order to let our Ummah talk as one and not divide.

However, you must understand that most of the trouble around the world comes from Muslim on Muslim fighting, so in that case you can’t blame Muslims being arrested. The only reason why we would disagree with such act is that we are biased as we are Muslims.

We have so many problems around the world (Muslims) which include: Iraq war on Saddam, Palestine V Israel, Saudi Arabia royal family, Guantanamo Bay, Iran & Syria, Sudan abuse, Kashmir division and we also have the tsunami waves that killed thousands…etc

People complain without even looking at the bigger picture...! Stop trying to divide our Ummah…



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islam tera des hai too mustafavi hai (urdu)
Islam is your country and you belong to Rasooli pak pbuh

no sects, no madhab, no nationalties....

just muslims with quran wa sunnah



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I agree with you brother, we are ONE ummah.

I think inter-racial marriage is key. I'm Kashmiri, my grandmother is Afghan, one of my auntie's is an English revert, another one is turkish, I have an Iranian uncle whose step mum is filipino, my brother in law is Arab and cousin just got married to a chinese Muslim!

Being a part of such a mixed family has made me so much more understanding of other cultures, and im not overly nationalistic, my identity as a Muslim comes before anything else. The best thing is I get to eat chinese, arab, turkish, persian and asian food at weddings and reunions :D

So I would encourage inter-racial marriage as a means of further unity amongst our Ummah.


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Subhanallah walhamdulillah walaailahailallah waallahuakbar.May Allah swt the creator of the universe bless us unite us and guide us all to the right path and may we feel the inner calm of peace in our heart no matter what is happening around us and may Allah swt bless us all always in all ways. lets make dua for all everyday to be united as one and with our dua s for one another may Allah swt sent us all His blessings.insyaAllah.a person who believes in Allah swt and Rasulullah saw, subhanallah


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Masha Allah brother, very true indeed. may allah forgive and make us stay on the right path. and never divide our ummah. amin:tti_sister:
jazak allah kheir.

Mashallah. I believe Islam is going through a transition right now. Many of our parents and older generation family members tend to be nationalistic, but the young and knowledge thirsty are the ones correcting their errors - inshallah