Student and Parent Kissing Prank goes Viral :S


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Minneapolis, MN-US

Blindfolded athletes were tricked into kissing their own parents at a pep rally prank, and now the Minnesota high school’s principal is saying sorry.

Responding to several complaints after a video of the ‘incest prank’ video went viral on YouTube, Rosemount High School Principal John Wollersheim released a statement:

“This activity was intended to be fun, but some found it offensive,” he wrote. “We apologize to anyone who was offended by this activity.

During the pep rally, several captains of the school’s sport teams were lined up against a wall in the gymnasium, wearing blindfolds.

They were told they would be kissed by a “special someone,” ABC News reported, not knowing that person would be their parent.

The video shows one woman, presumed to be the mother of the blindfolded boy with whom she’s locking lips, grabbing her son’s hand and placing it in the back pocket of her jeans.

Another student, after an unknowing makeout session with his mother, was asked if he knew who his kissing partner was. All he knew, he said, is that she had “luscious lips.”

While flooded without outside complaints, Wollersheim told the Associated Press that he had received no objections from the school’s athletes or parents.

In fact, he’s gotten some positive feedback, he said.

“I think people need to have more of a sense of humor! Kudos to you for all that you do – as I do not feel as a parent there was anything offensive about the video,” wrote one person in an email, which Wollersheim shared with the news service.

Still, Wollersheim understands the gravity of the concern sparked by the video.

“As principal, I’m responsible for everything that happens in this school,” he said. “This event offended people, and pep fests should have nothing that offends people.”

The principal also pointed out that the viral videos only show a tiny part of what was a thirty-minute event.

“If I was just watching that clip, I wouldn’t like what I was seeing either,” he said.

Thank God we're Muslim....who in the world makes out with or just kisses their parents???!!! THIS is mind boggling and serious incest...


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Some roles come with huge social responsibility. The headmaster sense of humor definitely needed a beating and the you tube clip that's gone viral, lets hope will be an eye opener to him. He can ask the youtube folks to remove the mis-representing clip...


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Astagfirullah! Astagfirullah!Astagfirullah!

It is really unbelievable how one human being can do such a awfull things,and how they do not have even litlle of shame, Astagfirullah.

May Allah protect all Muslims from these kind of evilness. Ameen ya Rabb :tti_sister:



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salam aleikum,


I cant belive this, they have no shame ? All these people...

May Allah protect us from such actions, ameen.

It really turned my stomach up-side-down......




Assalaam walaikum,

So what...they are not Muslim. Why are we tripping on an event that has nothing to do with us. It was an event that the parents agreed to with the school administration. It is a waste of our time.