Sub-Atomic Particles are inventoried/catalogued; tells Qur’ān.

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    Sub-Atomic Particles are inventoried/catalogued; tells Qur’ān.

    The breaking news on 4 July 2012 was that the Scientists at Europe's CERN research centre have found a new subatomic particle.

    The breaking news about the existence of a host of subatomic particles in fact dates back to 7th century AD through the book titled Qur’ān.

    It is interesting that Qur’ān rectifies philosophical (particularly of Greek origin) and scientific misconceptions and beliefs held by majority of people at the time of its introduction to humanity. Atomic theory is one such subject.

    Atomic theory dates back to Greek philosopher Democritus. It was believed that matter is composed of minute. indivisible and indestructible particles known as atoms.

    Man had for centuries the perception that the basic unit of matter were the Atom-a word coined by Democritus, ancient Greek Philosopher and pupil of Leucippus, who formulated an atomic theory for the Universe, during period 460-370 BCE*. "Atom"** means "uncut-able", or "the smallest indivisible particle of matter". The word coined in the Philosophical realm is retained in scientific world as base unit of matter notwithstanding it was found to be divisible.

    Qur’ān, while endorsing this perception, informed that still-smaller-in-mass particles do exist besides atoms. It introduced Particle physics.

    Contd: particle.htm
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