Test your Islamic Knowledge


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Try to answer it first without looking at the answers. I got no. 7, 19 and 25 wrong. Have fun at it !


Test your Islamic Knowledge
On Prophets

QUESTIONS:(Answers below)

1.What did Musa(A.S.) do to the "GOLDEN CALF"?

2.What duaa did Yunus(A.S.) make in the belly of the fish ?

3.Which Prophet’s nation asked,that a unique camel emerge from the mountains, as a miracle, to prove he was a messenger of Allah?

4.Who was the mother of Ishaaq(A.S.)?

5.A Prophet of Allah left a message for his son, as follows: "To replace his doorstep" .The message was a saying which meant that his wife was not a befitting wife for him;and he should replace her with a good befitting wife". Who is this Prophet?

6.Who or what delivered the messages from Sulaymaan(A.S.) to (Bilqees) the Queen of Sheeba?

7.Which Prophet was executed and his head was brought to Herodias (a cruel woman) who gloated with delight?

8.What are the descendants of Ya’qub(A.S.) known as?

9.Which Prophet saw in a dream, 11 stars, the sun and the moon prostrating before him?

10.Who was the first Prophet who made this duaa that is mentioned in the Qura’an:"My Lord,expand my mind so that I can carry the burden of Prophethood.Ease my task by removing all difficulties in the way,and loosen the knot in my tongue so that I can make them understand what I say,so that my words could penetrate their souls.And give me a companion in my task,an assistant from my own folk."?

11.Allah Ta’ala revealed to Musa(A.S.) that no man could know, all that is to know,nor would any person,alone be the custodian of ALL knowledge. Allah Ta’ala sent someone to Musa(A.S.) to illustrate this aspect and to illustrate the vastness of knowledge and the unseen as a lesson. Who is this someone?

12.A member of Musa(A.S.)’s family was exremely wealthy and treated the poor with contempt. He not only refused to pay zakaat,but spread a rumour that Musa(A.S.) had invented the law of zakaat.He was punished by Allah.The earth opened up and swallowed him and all his wealth. Who is this person?

13.A Prophet delivered Allah’s Messages to the people through the precious gift of his melodious voice.When he chanted the Book of Allah, it was as if the entire creation chanted with him. Who is this Prophet?

14.Who appeared before Ayyub(A.S.) in the guise of a wise old man,and said to him,"All your wealth is lost. Some people say that it is because you gave too much charity,and that you are wasting your time with your continious prayers to Allah." ?

15.Name the Prophet that spoke when he was a new-born baby?

16.Did Nuh(A.S.)’s son accompany him on the ark when the floods came? Yes or No?

17.Lut(A.S.)’s wife was a good,noble,pious and obedient wife to Lut(A.S.) True or False?

18.Ayoob(A.S.) lost his sight due to his excessive weeping for his long-lost son,Yusuf(A.S.). True or False?

19.Dawood(A.S.) was a king and was well experienced in the craft of weapon-making. True or False?

20.Dawood(A.S.) was the son of Sulaymaan(A.S.). True or False?

21.Which two prophets(father and son) were both kings and prophets in their lifetime ?

22.Sulaymaan(A.S.) was lying down flat; facing the Qibla, when he passed away(ie.when his ruh(soul) was taken out. True or False?

23.Zakariyyah(A.S.) was a Prophet of Allah, and was blessed with many, abundant pious children when he was young. True or False?

24.After Maryam(A.S.) just gave birth to Eesa(A.S.); she shook a dry palm tree, from which ripe dates fell. True or False ?

25.After Yaqub(A.S.) passed the first trial,with patience. Iblees( shaytaan), shook the foundation of Yaqub(A.S.)’s house,killing all of his children. True or False?

1.Musa(A.S.) melted down the "Golden Calf" into a mass of molten metal and dumped it into the sea.
2."La ilaaha illa anta subhaanaka inni kuntu minaz zaalimeen" -
There is no God save Thee! Glorified be Thou! Indeed,I have been a wrong doer.
5.Hazrat Ibraheem(A.S.)
6.The Hoopoe Bird.
8.Bani Israeel.
9.Hazrat Yusuf(A.S.)
10.Hazrat Musa(A.S.)
11.Hazrat Khidr(A.S.)
18.False.Yaqoob(A.S.) was nearly blinded due to missing his son;not Ayoob(A.S.).
20.False.Dawood(A.S.) was the Father of Sulaymaan(A.S.).
21.Sulaymaan(A.S.) and Dawood(A.S.)
22.False. He was sitting holding his staff overseeing the Jinns at work.He died in this position.
23.False.Zakirriyah(A.S.) had a son in his old-age.
25.False. Iblees shook Ayyub(A.S.)'s house, not Yaqub(A.S.)


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it wasn't that easy for me,but i learned a lot of it ,thank you verry much for hat and i just love this game it's another way to learn more of our religion .I'd love to play more of these games!!