The Disliked Actions in As-Ṣalāh

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    1- Entering the prayer while one is distracted; having their thoughts elsewhere or being in a state which distracts himself or his imam; like holding back urine, wind or defecation, being in a state of hunger or thirst, when food which he wishes to eat is present, or looking at that which distracts him from Ṣalāh.

    2- Useless movements; Meaning doing that which is contrary to being tranquil and concentrating in Ṣalāh.

    Ex: Moving without a need, playing with ones beard, clothing or watch, cracking ones knuckles, or putting the fingers of one hand in between those of the other hand,

    3- Looking with ones face left or right without a need; with the condition that the body does not turn away from the Qiblah; otherwise the Ṣalāh would be invalidated.

    4- Putting ones hands on ones hips; since it is the action of the Jews.

    5- Covering ones mouth and nose in prayer.

    6- Rolling up ones garment, sleeves or the likes.

    7- Tying ones hair back, gathering it, or braiding it for men; as this would resemble a man whose hands are tied up behind his back. This is because when he prostrates, his hair would not prostrate with him.

    8- Spitting in the direction of the Qiblah or to ones right side.

    9- Looking up at the sky.

    10- Closing one’s eyes, except for a need.

    11- Stretching ones arms flat on the ground when in prostration

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