The most unluckiest person in the world..


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The most unluckiest person in the world..
is the one who did not make it to forgive all his past sins in month of Ramadhaan.


How many people are laying in there Grave, who thought they can make it to Ramadhaan this year. They never made it !!

We are lucky we got a chance this year !!

The Prophet (SAW) said: "Whosoever reaches the month of Ramadhaan and does not have his sins forgiven, and so enters the Fire, then may ALLAH distance him."[Ahmad (2/246) and Bayhaqi (4/204)]


Its not too late, Also we have the 'Night of Power' ( Lailat-ul-Qadr ) in hand

The Messenger (SAW) said: "Whoever prays the Night of Qadr with Eemaan (faith) and hoping for its reward, ALLAH will forgive him all his previous sins." [Bukhaaree and Muslim]

'Lailat-ul-Qadr' or 'Night of Power' a very important occasion in the history of Islam and in our personnel lives.


The Night Of Power is better for you to live, to experience and to enjoy than one thousand months of your personal life. Even if you were to live one thousand months (83.3 years) with sincerity, dedication, and sacrifices and with good intentions and deeds, the Night Of Power is still far better for you to live and to enjoy.

ALLAH says in the Qur'an in Surah Al-Qadr:

"We have indeed revealed this (message) in the Night of Power. And what will explain to thee what the Night of Power is? The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. Therein come down the angels and the spirit by God's permission, on every errand: Peace! This until the rise of Morn." (97:1-5)

The Night of Power is a night of blessings ALLAH has blessed this Night. Therefore whosoever is interested in receiving the blessings of ALLAH may look forward to the Night of Power.

Anyone who seeks the Night of Power and lives it, all his/her sin will be erased. This is, as if, he/she is, born again now free of all sin and mistakes.


Aa'isha (R) said: "When the last ten days of Ramadhaan arrived the Messenger (SAW) used to abstain (from contact a with his wives) and he would establish the nights. He would awaken (his family) to do the same also." [Bukhaaree and Muslim]

I am sure every one of us would like to live a life free of sins an free of mistakes. Everyone would like to meet ALLAH on the Day of Judgment without sins. Every one of us would like to feel that he/she is reborn today. All of us wish to rejuvenate ourselves, and to start a new year with a fresh outlook and a fresh life. Every one of us wants to live a pure life and everyone wants to purify himself/herself without anguish or torment.


The Night of Power is one of the best way in which a person is to achieve all these ideals. For this reason may I suggest that you start looking for it, so you will be able to observe it and enjoy it.

Imam Bukhari reports from 'Aishah that the Messenger of ALLAH (may ALLAH bless him and grant him peace) would tighten his waist-cloth (i.e. detach himself from his wives), spend the night in worship and awake his family, during the last ten nights of Ramadan.

As far as determining the Night of Power (Lailat-ul-Qadr) is concerned, it has been reported to be during one of the odd numbered nights of the last ten days of Ramadhaan, i.e. 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th or 29th. It has been emphasized that it is most likely to be the 27th night. But this doesn't mean you should stick to 27th night only.

The Signs of the Night of Qadr.

The Messenger of ALLAH (SWT) described the morning of the night of Qadr so that the muslims can know which night it is.

Ubayy (R) said : "On the morning of the night of Qadr the sun would rise without any beams; (it is like) a wash basin until it raises." [Muslim]

Abu Hurairah (R) said : "We mentioned the night of Qadr to the Messenger of ALLAH (SWT) and he said: "Which of you remembers when the moon rises and it is like half a bowl." [Muslim]

Ibn Abbaas (R) said that the Messenger of ALLAH (SWT) said : "The night of Qadr is a night of generosity and happiness, it is not hot and neither is it cold. The sun comes up in its morning weak, reddish." [Tabaranee, Ibn Khuzaimah and Bazzaar]

To summarize, I would like to mention the following:

1. The sun rises early in the morning without rays.

2. Rain may fall either during the night or during the day of that night.

3. During night the sky will be lightly foggy.

4. The sky will be slightly lighted without reflections and without rays.

5. The angels and Gabriel all descend down onto earth for many purposes.

If you are interested in living the Night of Power, let me remind you of some of the things that you might have to do.



a. Recitation of the Our'an.

b. Prayers-Nafl after Taraweeh.

c. Remembrance of ALLAH or zikr

d. Supplication or Du'a for you and for others.

e. Reading books of Hadeeth so as to enjoy the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

In Sahih Bukhari (6/521), there is an amazing piece of advice from the Prophet (may ALLAH bless him and grant him peace): "Recite the Quran as long as your hearts agree on it; if you disagree about it, stop reciting it (for the time being)" -- studying the Quran should bring people together!

Ten days are the last part of the month and a person's actions are based on his last ones. So perhaps, he will encounter the night of Al-Qadr, while standing in prayer for ALLAH and thus have all his past sins forgiven.


The Night of Power is a very important occasion in Islam. Everyone is asked to live it and to enjoy it. This Night is a 'Night of Mercy', a 'Night of Blessing', a 'Night of Peace' and a 'Night of Guidance'. It is a 'Night of Unification' between the finite world of ours and the Infinite Universe of the Unseen.

May ALLAH give us the strength, the power, the courage and the effort to do our best to obey ALLAH and to follow His teachings. May ALLAH guide us and may ALLAH strengthen our Emaan May ALLAH help us to live another year with sincerity and devotion. May ALLAH make us realize that one year of our life is over and that we are one year closer to our graves.

Let us wake up and do our best to please ALLAH in our daily life. Let us ask Almighty ALLAH forgiveness. Ameen.

And one must incite, animate and persuade his family to perform acts of worship, especially in these great times in which no one neglects it except that he has been deprived. What is more incredible than this is that while the people are performing prayer and making tahajjud, some individuals spend their time in forbidden gatherings and sinful events. This is indeed the greatest loss. We ask ALLAH for his protection.

So we ask ALLAH to grant us the ability to change ourselves for the better, during this blessed month, and not to be of those who are prevented from His Mercy and forgiveness. Indeed He is the One who Hears and He is the One to Respond.

Take a vacation for ALLAH

We take a break from our jobs for almost everything in life. Why not this time to focus on worshiping and thanking our Creator.

If this is not possible at least take a few days off if you can. This can make it easier to stay awake at night to do extra Ibadah. Whatever you loose is very negligible in front of whatever you gain from this Night.

Brothers and sisters in Islam!

Fear ALLAH Ta'ala and beware of wasting your life away in futile activities. Make use of your time by being positive and constructive. This may well be your last Ramadaan, your last opportunity to benefit from the special blessings and forgiveness that accompanies this month. Know that Ramadaan is a manifestation of ALLAH Ta'ala's bountiful blessings on His slaves. Use it as a turning point in your life; a time for transformation towards a better way of life.

Yaa ALLAH ! We are full of sins. We ignore you in our life, Please don't ignore us and guide us towards your path with the help of Prophet Mohammed (SAW). And open our hearts to understand our Deen.. Ameen


May ALLAH Subhanahu wa Ta'ala weigh your prayers in gold, count your blessings with stars and ease your every effort like a gentle summer breeze.

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Do remember me in your Dua.


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May Allah SWT bless you for sharing a timely reminder, May Allah SWT bless us all muslemeen and muslimaat and give us toufeeq to gain from every moment of these last ten blessed days and nights. oh Allah grant us good in this life and good in life hereafter and save us all from the torment of hellfire. Ameeen.



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Thank you for that reminder, Brother.
Jazakallahu khar.
May Allah s.w.t make us among the righteous. Ameen.

Have we passed this night of power? Anyone know which day it is for USA - Eastern part.

Brother, the night of power is the last ten days of Ramadhan. You have not missed the night of power, but I'm not sure when is the last ten nights of Ramadhan at your area.


ALLAH is in my heart
salam brother.
ohhh thats awesome.thanx for sharing with was like an eye opener for us all.may ALLAH help us to make more n more ibaddah in this holey month of ramdhan n may ALLAH 4give us all muslims.aamin


I think about how this could be our last Ramadan, and scary as it may sound, it is true. Life is not promised to any of us. Jazakallahu Khairan for this beautiful post and reminder for us all. This is truly a special night, and not to be missed for anything. You might not be able to get it back, make the most of it inshallah. May Allah forgive us our sins, and have mercy on us, ameen!!!:tti_sister: :tti_sister:


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Assalamualaikum !
Jazaakallahu khairan, its a great post. May Allah reward you in this life till the next ameen!


Proud to be a Muslim
Assalamualaikum !
Jazaakallahu khairan, its a great post. May Allah reward you in this life till the next ameen!

Aameen !! Aameen !! Aameen !! SummaAameen !!

Jazakallah !!

May ALLAH reward us all in this life and here after !!

Do remember me in Prayer !!