The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as described by himself

Abu Juwairiya

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salam alaikum
can u provide the source brother

Assalammu Alaikum and Jazakallah Khayrun Brother for your question.

I copied and pasted the quotation from an old Islamic magazine I had scanned.

The Islamic magazine is no longer in print, but I will supply the source nonetheless.

Source: 'The Straight Path' (Monthly magazine published in Birmingham)
Date: April 1984, Vol 5, No 3 (Rajab 1404)
Page: 2
Section: 'Sayings of the Prophet'

Abu Juwairiya

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The quotation itself was from an older classical book named 'Kita Ash Shifa' by Qadi Iyad.

Qadi Iyad was one of the most well known and trusted Ulema of the last millennium. He was both a sheikh as well as an Islamic Judge able to pass verdicts and interpret Shariah Law.

Abu Juwairiya

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"My name in the Qur'an is Muhammad, in the Injil it is Ahmad and in the Torah it is Uhid. I was called Uhid because I direct my nation away from the fire of Hell."

(Source: 'Tahdib Tarikh Dimashq' [1/275] by Ibn Adi)