The Qiyama


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This thread is about the Qiyama dear brother and sisters the qiyama is near fear allah azzawajal the QIYAMA IS HERE prepare ur self for death because no human being can survive the qiyama wether ur bruce lee or wether ur jackie chan who ever you are then the angel israfeel will blow the the horn it will be the size of the east to the west of the world and will blast the TRUTH the noise of the horn is so terrifying that a mother she has childeren on that day she will not remember that she had childeren there are two types of people who will be successfull on that day the one who makes wudu properly and enjoying it there will be light infront of him behind him to the left to the right all around him and the one who makes adhaan for the sake of allah and enjoying it there will be light all around him but for other they will see the earth crumbeling and the sky cracking piece by piece on that day there will be no mercy
After everybodys dead the angel of death wil come up to allah and say o allah all soulds of the heavens and the dunya are with u o allah every living thing has come to an end o allah and allah will say who remains and the angel will say o allah i remain u remain jibral remains mikal remains and all those angels who carry ur throne remains allah will say let death come to jibral mikal and all those angels who are carrying my throne then allah will say who remains and the angel will say o allah i remain you remain nobody else remains and allah says i created you for a purpose u have fulfilled ur purpose u also die and he dies THEN ALLAH WILLGRAB THE HEAVEN AND THE DUNYA AND SAY IM THE ALMIGHT ALLAH x2 allah has never been so angry before and he will say where is your kingdom now where are you what can you do allah will say LIFE IS FOR ALLAH DEATH IS FOR YOU on that day mercy will not excist there will be homosexual imams and here are some of the signs there are woman who make their hair BIG and wear hijab on top like they carrying a baby on there head this is hadeeth isnt this the case today people wil say we follow the quran but dont follow the hadeeth whats hadeeth never heard of it and they will say atleast do salah what salaah are u mad point to me in the quran it says pray this thing called salah lahawla quwata illabilla people will be embarresed to carry the quran in public isnt this the case today daughter and father ZHINNA astagfurullah see muhammad pbuh how true his hadeeth is this is all happening today People will put allah and muhammad pbuh on the same level these are shirk people SHIRK
That will be greatest day that day is YAWMAL QIYAMA allah will not have mercy on you execpt if you are one of the believers you will die someday tomorow now or any second now you will die you will say to your mum or dad dad or mum help me and they will say this is the day of judgement everybody is on their Own look how that child beggs but is refused everybody runs for himself you have a movie called 2012 about the end of the world people texting each other brother get ready 2012 judgement day a`udubillah look how rejecting this is believing into a movie this movie is true this movie is from allah a`udubillah i have had many brothers saying that this is a warning to all people the qiyama is near ok its near but dont use evidence like 2012 you will die i will die everybody will die no mercy no mercy at all 500 angels on the side or the gate of jahannam ready to whip you will get boosted like a bullet out of the gun to there and get hit by the angels there by their rods made out of fire how painfull is that imagine u cant on that day there will be a bridge in the akhira that is thin as a peace of hair in jahannam and beneath is fire and on the other side is janna some will fall some will cross after crossing you will be cleaned and put into janna im not sure exactly when this happens
so many signs are happening every second arent you afraid or scared CHANGE NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE im sorry to say this but YOU WILL BE IN JAHANAM BEGGING ALLAH GET US OUT ALLAH PLEASE WE WILL CHANGE ALLAH WILL SAY U HAD YOUR CHANCE AND U REFUSED SO U REMAIN IN JAHANNAM Its so painfull to take this all on you should cry show that allah is the greatest the day of judgement will not come till nobody in the world will say allah or perform salaah KEEP PRAYING a kid will come home and rape his younger sister and he will say i learned this at school a`udubillah look how true all muhammad pbuh his hadeeth one day you will regret this

this was very long haha i cant type any more my fingers are going sleep salaamu alaykun warrahmatullah

if i was correct allah reward me if i was wrong thats for me and the shaytaan