The story of Prophet Adam (Peace be upon him)


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Long time ago, God created the universe and the earth. He created them within six 'divine' days. Some may argue and say science proved that it took billions of years to form the universe. So, I'd like to say that God created the universe within six divine days. To God, a divine day is equivalent to millions of years on Earth. God created the universe as a home and shelter for a sect of His creatures who will praise His glory and worship Him all day and all night, everywhere and every time. God created the universe for the mankind.

Thus, God told the angels (Servants to God whom had been created from light) that he would create humans from the dust of earth, make them dwell on Earth and establish innovative civilizations; so that they know how great their Creator is and worship Him with pure hearts. The angels replied: "God, we praise your glory and worship you endlessly, why would you create other creatures that may shed blood, disobey you and ruin the earth?". Of course God the omniscient and the All-knowing knows that some humans will disobey Him, but still he knows that there would be prophets, saints, believers and men of renaissance in them who would worship God with true hearts – their worship will even be better than that of angels!!!. So, God said: "I know what you don't know", then He added "Once I create the first human from the dust of earth, make obeisance to him". The angels were to prostrate to the first human as a kind of appreciation, not as worship.

God had ordered one of His angels to get some dust from the Earth. Then, with His own glorious hands, God made out of that clay the shape of an appealing human. After a certain period of time, God breathed life into the shape, giving life to it. The clay turned into blood and flesh. That lifeless clay turned into a living being. That creature was called "Adam", Adam is a word of a Semitic origin meaning "the dust of Earth". The angels gathered around Adam and prostrated to him as God ordered them. But one of them refused to carry out God's order, who is "Iblis" (Satan).

Iblis was one of the most obeying angels of God, he belonged to a class of God's creatures called "Jinn". Some call him Satan, which is a word of Semitic origin meaning "Devil". God said to Iblis when he refused prostrating to Adam: ''Why did you refuse to make obeisance to my creature as I ordered you, Iblis?". Iblis answered haughtily: "How can I, Iblis, who is created from fire, prostrate to a creature made out of clay..don't you see that I'm far better and greater than that good-for-nothing statue in which you breathed life??". Iblis despised Adam and envied him because God had favored him. God created Adam out of clay with his own hands and breathed life into him. On the contrary, God created 'Iblis' from fire by saying 'Let there be Iblis', not by his own hands as did He to Adam.

As a punishment for disobeying God, the Almighty cursed Iblis and drove him out of the Heaven. He's not an angel-like any more, but a cursed rebellious devil who transgressed God's orders. Before leaving the divine presence, Iblis asked God to make him live until the Judgment day, so that he can misguide the children of Adam from the perfect way of God. God gave him that 'short-termed eternity', but still, Iblis wouldn't have authority over the believers and those who love God.

Adam entered the paradise, and saw how beautiful it is. God ordered him to eat from all of its trees and do whatever he likes in it, but he shouldn't eat from the Forbidden Tree. God was testing Adam by forbidding him from eat from it. Days passed, and Adam began feeling lonely, he wanted someone from his kind, someone who would help him, share his happiness and sadness. He wanted a partner in whom he might find shelter. Thus, while Adam was asleep, God took one of his ribs and created a woman out of it. Once Adam woke up, he found a woman sitting by his side and called her "Eve" (Hawaa' in Arabic).

Meanwhile, Iblis (Satan) was plotting against Adam and Eve, he wanted to drive them out of the paradise as he had been driven out of Heaven. So, he entered the paradise in the form of a 'serpent' and talked to Adam and Eve.

"Why don't you eat from that tree over there?" said Iblis.

"Because God had forbidden us from eating from it" Adam and Eve replied.

"Ah!! Do you know why God imposed such a prohibition on you??". Iblis said

"Why?" They replied.

"Because it is the tree of knowledge and eternity, once you eat from it, you will be eternal and wise – distinguishing wrong from right. You'll be angels and even like God!! eternal and knowing the truth?" Iblis answered maliciously. "I swear to God it is the truth, Just believe me and eat from that tree"

Thinking the serpent was telling the truth; Adam and Eve approached the tree, took some of its forbidden sweet fruits, and partook of it!! Suddenly, they found themselves buck naked (as their private parts were covered before eating from the tree). After that, God said to Adam, Eve and the guised Satan: "Get out of the paradise and dwell on Earth, from it you were created and to it you will return"

Adam and Eve descended from the paradise to Earth, feeling regret and repent for succumbing to Satan's temptation. "Oh, God!! Have mercy on us and forgive us, for you are the most merciful and the most compassionate" Adam and Eve said, with the tears streaming down their faces. God forgave them for their sin, and asked them to dwell on Earth and cultivate it as He destined before creating the whole universe. Through God's inspiration and help, Adam and Eve learned how to make clothes, how to eat, how to plant and harvest crops…etc. Whenever Adam thought of what he had done, he felt sick and sad.

"Will I return back to the paradise, God?!" Adam said one day

"Yes, you and the believers of your children will return back to the paradise in the hereafter life" God inspired Adam.

Days passed, and Adam was gifted with sons and daughters. One of his sons was called "Kabeel" (Cain) and the other one "Habeel" (Hebel). Cain worked as a farmer; he was noted for his sullen behavior. Whereas Hebel was a shepherd who was noted for clemency, mercy and calmness. In the past, Adam's sons were allowed to marry their sisters so as to reproduce and save the human race from extinction. Hebel, the good-natured shepherd, was to marry a beautiful woman. While Cain, the bad-tempered farmer, was to marry another woman, who wasn't as beautiful as Hebel's 'fiancée'.

"I want to marry the beautiful woman!" Cain said to his father.

"Present an oblation to God and ask him to make you marry her!" answered Adam

Both Cain and Hebel were to sacrifice to the Lord. The best of them will be allowed by God to win the beautiful woman. Hebel, who was pious and good-natured as we said before, chose the best of his sheep to sacrifice it to the Almighty. On the other hand, Cain – who was a sullen stingy man – collected some withered herbs and plants to present them to God as an oblation.

Hebel's oblation was accepted by God and white fire came from the sky and took it, while Cain's oblation was left withering!! Of course God doesn't need such oblations, but oblations were just a test from him to Adam's sons. The better of Adam's sons would sacrifice the best of his property for God's sake because God ordered him to do so.

Cain, with his blood boiling with anger, asked Hebel afterwards: "Why did God take your oblation and left mine??".

"God accepts the sacrifices of His true servants" answered Hebel

"I'm going to kill you and shed your blood on the ground!!" said Cain furiously

"If you are going to kill me, I will neither defend myself nor kill you. So please, fear God and do not disobey him. Will you end the life of your own brother for the sake of your carnal needs?" Said Hebel, with a tone of desperation and grief in his voice

In a moment of blind anger, Cain picked up a stone from the ground and hit his brother with it.

"Ahhhh" moaned the bleeding Hebel.

Within few seconds, the body of Hebel went still and he stopped breathing. He was the first human to be murdered and whose blood to be shed on the ground.

"What did I do??" Cain said after seeing the corpse of his brother. "What will I do with my brother's dead body?"

As he was crying, he saw a raven digging a hole in the ground and burying another raven - but a dead one - in it. From that scene, Cain knew what he was going to do with his brother's corpse. So, Cain buried his brother Hebel.

When Adam knew of what happened, he burst into tears and said: "O Hebel, my dear son, O Hebel, May God have mercy on you :("

After few years, Adam was gifted another son called "Seth", which means "God's gift". Prophet Adam (PBUH) lead a happy life after that. Then, he passed over at the age of 930 years (in solar calendar)

The End​


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Would you like to see Christians view the same story? It has many similarities. I will post it if you wish, purely for comparison :)


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OK... :) here is the Bible story of Adam and Eve. It can be found in the Book of Genesis. But I bet you know that.. Ya ;)

The Bible says that God made man in His image. He did this by forming man from the dust of the ground. The Bible does not say that God used his hands to mold the dirt into the shape of a man, but it does indicate that this was a much more active manner of creation than the rest of what God had made. Previously God had only spoken the objects into existence. But God formed man and then breathed life into him in an apparently personal way.

This man was Adam. God brought all the animals to him to be named. The Bible says that it was not good for the man to be alone. It was not a surprise to God that Adam was alone. This statement is an indication to us that man needs companionship and God has made provisions for it.

God caused Adam to sleep and then He took a rib of Adam and made woman from his rib. God certainly did not need to do this but it is another of many interesting pictures in the creation story. Adam knew that the woman was made from his own side. They were more than simply two creatures which God spoke into existence. They were made for God’s pleasure and were intimately connected to one another. The woman was named Eve.

God gave Adam and Eve a beautiful garden named Eden in which to live. They had all the fruit and vegetables they could possibly want to enjoy. They were to tend the garden and have dominion over it and the animals. Some people say that work is part of the curse, but the actual curse is that work would be difficult and laborious.

God gave Adam and Eve many beautiful plants and trees to enjoy for food. But He also gave them one tree from which they were not to eat. This was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. God’s command to them was that if they ate from that tree they would die.

The Bible says that the Devil entered into a serpent and tempted Eve. He got Eve to doubt God's Word. Satan told her that God knew that Eve would become enlightened and possess the same knowledge as God had if she ate from the fruit of the tree. This is much like Satan’s temptation to man today—that he does not need God.

The fruit was beautiful and Satan was sly and persuasive. Eve fell to the temptation and took the fruit from the forbidden tree. Finding it delicious she took it to Adam. Adam also ate from it. At the time he ate their lives, and that of all future humanity, changed. They immediately knew they had done wrong. They disobeyed God and would be punished.

As was God’s custom, He came to visit Adam and Eve in Eden. They tried to cover their nakedness with fig leaves. Their nakedness was something they had never even noticed before. It was only after eating the fruit they became aware of their sin and were ashamed. When they heard God coming they hid from Him. God searched for them. Of course we know that God is all knowing. He was not looking for them because He didn’t know where they were, but to give Adam and Eve a chance to return to Him and acknowledge their sin.

God spoke with Adam, Eve and the serpent. Each one had a specific punishment from God. Adam was told that his work would be hard. It would become toilsome. True, men are usually considered the "breadwinner" and or their shoulders lies the responsibility of providing for their family.

The woman would bear children with great pain...again true. Childbirth is considered to be a painful experience. We see God intended that Adam and Eve would have children because He talked about man and woman leaving father and mother to get married Adam and Eve had no father or mother. It was a pronouncement for future generations which God fully intended to come with time. Eve’s punishment was that the bearing of children would be painful.

To the serpent he was given the punishment of crawling on the ground and that he would be cursed more than any other creature... Fairly true.. Snakes are often reviled. This punishment was given to the animal and not just to Satan. We don’t know if snakes had feet before this punishment, but God changed the animal in some way. To Satan God said that he would be punished in the future by the promise God would give.

When speaking the extent of Satan’s punishment God said that the seed of the woman would come to destroy him. This seed was the promised Redeemer we read so much about in the Old Testament. He was revealed in the New Testament to be Jesus Christ. Although Satan would bruise the Savior’s heel (a fatal wound) the redeemer would crush Satan’s head (a mortal wound) . To show God’s love and to give a sign of things to come, God sacrificed an animal for Adam and Eve. This slain animal was to represent future sacrifices and forgiveness by God. God made clothes for Adam and Eve from the animal which shows God covering their sins with a substitutionary sacrifice.

God told Adam and Eve in the beginning that they would die on the day they ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. One death was immediate. They were spiritually separated from God. However, their physical bodies continued to live. But they would not live forever as God apparently intended. They would become old, sick and die.... As we all do physically. Thankfully we can live on spiritually through Gods work through the Messiah. Yeshua... Also known as the last Adam, because Yeshua righted the wrong of the first Adam.

That my friend is the Biblical version I hope you do enjoy reading it. As you can see there are many similarities. :)


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The Koranic and the biblical versions of Adam and Eve story have a lot of similarites (they are 90% similar) because they are of the same divine source :). Both Bible and the Koran were revealed by God to His prophets so as to guide the humanity to the way of faith :D.

Peace be upon you :D


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“Ta`alaw ‘Ilá Kalimatin Sawa’in Baynana Wa Baynakum”
“Come to common terms as between us and you”