The True Muslim People


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I found this on my recieved files...GOT THERE probably through email..

The true Muslim people ( sahabas)

When they walked around in the Arab streets
Wearing plain fabric, and broken shoes on their feet
The men amongst them, adorned their faces with beards so admirable
Their hearts like wax, their tears were unstoppable
With patches on their clothes, but hearts dipped in fright
Such a tragic change, after they entered Islam’s light

Before, they lived life like a savage beast
And in civility, these people were the least
They would drink the blood of their foe, after he died
Just so they can boast of the pleasure, and family pride
They would start war over reasons so light
And for decades and decades, they would fight
And pass on the war from one to another generation
Until one wins, and the other faces annihilation
They would bury their daughters alive!!
Because men were the dominant gender
In their trades they would cheat and lie
And would rob the weak and slender
Women were treated like property
So a son would inherit his father’s wife
Common everywhere was adultery
Can you imagine the state of their life?
They would worship collectively
But in a sad state of nudity!
Truly in fact, their life was messed up, in a big fuss!
But when they changed, they became the best, from among us

Then, they began to realize that their lord is one!
That’s when their life switched, in a blink of the eye
All wishes for later, worldly needs were done
And they all began to look forward to the day they die
And because of this belief, they did things unimaginable
They woke up late at night to pray, and would cry
The gained their lord’s happiness, so they became unstoppable
They began to trade honestly, and stopped the lies
They learned to forgive, and fulfill the other’s rights
They would feed the orphans, and the widows
They began to forget their foes and their foolish fights
With some strange light, their faces would glow!
They would clean the streets where ever they walked
They were trusted by all and one with their property
Cuz every one knew, they would return the stock
Their only goal in life, was to succeed eternity
Their women didn’t complain
When told to cover themselves
To them it was a shame
To walk out partially undressed

And truly indeed, that’s how we need to be
And just like them, we need to correct our deeds
We need to make our goal eternity