The Youngest Member on the Site


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Welcome to the site brother.

Mash'Allah - Insh'Allah learn early so you will benefit later which means you will be able to advance further. Alhamdulilah.

Insh'Allah you will benefit from the website and try to post so we know your well :)

May Allah bestow upon you success in this life and the hereafter. Ameen.


Walaykum Salam.

fatima zahra

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welcome lit brother welcome in tti, u r smart mashallah to participe in the site hhhh my brother hamza is also in 11 years old , but he cant join TTI bcz he dont understand english, i will teach him english inchallah and he will come to site


s 091

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hi I hope that you do find this site beneficial but I am afraid that you are no longer the youngest member, would seeem that a 9 year old has joined. I think its wonderful that younger people are joining this site, its inspiring to see yuonger people wanting to learn more about their religion. What an inspiration


Asalamo Alaykom Maaz!

Welcome! This is absolute cuteness I tell ya!
Invite all your friends to this site and let the knowledge continueeeeee
Focus on your studies too