This is My Son (age 5) reciting qu'ran

mashalalh he also recites like me from his nose. But i was that time 14 when i start to learn quran. :-(

but alhamdulillah , past is past.


SubhanAllah! Sister you really are going to get so much reward for raising such an amazing child. I hope that one day I can have a son that recites Quran just as beautifully inshAllah. :tti_sister:


:ma: What a lil cutie:hearts::hearts:
You must be proud of him mashallah may Allah keep him and his sisters healthy and in the right path Ameen ya Rabi.

It's realy a joy to see the new generation so we know islam will stay for ever and ever ameen:tti_sister:


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your kid is the loveliest i have ever seen.He looks so innocent :ma:
Its so gud to see parents working so hard to equip their children with Islamic knowledge.:ma:
May Allah Subhanahu Wata'3lla makes things easy for you all . .Inshallah . . .



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Ur son is very very cute sis, may Allah protect him, and bless him with all the happiness in life..:inshallah: he is going to make u and his father proud one day.. May GoD Bless him.. Ameen..
So tell us when he is going to join TTI ?? :inshallah:
Anyway thanks for this awesome sharing..

May GoD Bless U and ur family..


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sister Dianek, proud with ur adorable son :ma:
i love to hear his Quran reading, plus ur daughters voice hehe
i saw ur daughter walked pass her brother while he is reciting the surahs, i thought mayb she try to catch her brother's attention hehe
may Allah abundent ur family a happy life insyaAllah :hearts:



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Assalamualaikum Sis,

He's adorable. :)
May Allah s.w.t make him among the righteous. Ameen
And ameen to all the other duas.

Mashallah! Your son is beautiful. I guess your daughter was trying to get her 2 seconds of fame by running across the camera:SMILY288:


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Thank you all! He is a cute little "white" boy....HAHA!!! He is very Fair like me..........I should do a video of him and his 3 year old sister reciting for you....she doesn't know too much but some anyway....thanks for all the kind words.



dear sister
i was waiting for this from a long even though i was away....this a great work sister keep it up.....u r rightly doing ur duty in raising this man...may Allah (subhana wataala) reward you among His best ones(ameen)....
wanna be a friend of this cute man....may Allah (subhana wataala) turn the ocean of knowlede towards him and make him best schlolar inshaAllah...

jazakAllah kheiranfor posting this...hope to see more from this cutei....