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it doesn't have to have anything to do with Islam, we're here to learn more about it and to join together, yes, but what better way to do so than loving something together, even if it is not part of the religion itself. We have to see that we have more in common that our religion. it brings us closer together, but in many many ways...


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no offense brothers and sisters in islam
i dont mean to sound like a b icth
but what the heck does chocolate have to do with islaam
it sure looks good and all
but how the heck is chocolate and islam connecetd?
are you on crack or something....

and may Allah(subhanahu wa ta'ala) guide us all

Assalamualaikum Brother,

We have never said that it has anything to do with Islam. And this thread is specifically placed in 'TurnToIslam Lounge' and not 'Islamic Discussion'.

We are not straying from the path or anything. However, I do understand what you mean.


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Dear sister, Everything between skies and earths belongs to Allah (the creator).Chocolate is also a gift from Allah ,if we do like chocolate or love it means that we are thankful to Allah that he provided us with such a (niamat)

Its his blessing that we are enjoying the taste of chocolate and thanking Allah that, what a great gift along with good health he's given us. If you look in the surrounding you will find many people due to their health conditions can't enjoy everything that Allah has made halal for us.

Thanking to Allah it self is ibadah. When we see a beautiful thing we say Subhan Allah what a beautiful thing Allah has created; means we praise our creator. which is ibadah that we believe that everything is made by one GOD Allah and he is alone.
( praise to be Allah who is the creator of this beautiful world)

**It is not a fatwa .......its an opinion***



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Alhamdulilah for everything! Alhamdulilah for chocolate!

Asalam alaikaum chocolate lovers' and other people lol:

Yes! Thank Allah (alone) for chocolate, or don't thanks Him because chocolate is a gift from Allah (alone) just like a carnival or fruit, what does fruit have to do with Islam? It has everything to do with it, Allah (SWT) made it, did He not? It's something many Muslims enjoy and it's sweet, its very sweet, but Allah (SWT) is more sweet, a sweetypie, think about what all He has given us, it may not be life changing, but chocolate is a very very sweet gift from the One and Only Sweet Allah (SWT)! :hearts:




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:SMILY259: It's okay in my book lol, I really don't know, as long as u don't hurt their feelings I guess...I'm not sure...good question though.


SAKEENA :hijabi:


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What? no tasing in Islam? Ooh, then I owe a BIG apology to my British brothers and sisters lol trying to speak with a Cockney acent lol...okay this is embarrassing...so anyone like HERSHEYS chocolate? hehe...:SMILY335: subhanAllah...


Sakeena :girl3:


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There was a chocolate fountain at my senior prom... I would stand by that thing... I'm glad I went lol alhamdulilah!


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LOL thanks hehehehe.. well it's a true story, when I saw that chocolate fountain, my brain sad: Life Aspiration: 1 down 50,000 to go lol :hearts: hahahahahahaha!!!! :blackhijab: it's a joke!


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When the going gets tough, only the tough eat chocolate :SMILY346:

A well-known quote from the famous, admirable The HumbleWun, quoted to have said on Wedsday, August 13th 2008 around 11:50:

"When the going gets tough, only the tough eat chocolate."