To be(lieve) or not to be(lieve)


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I live my life as you can see
My desires are what comfort me
But yes it does come at a price
And that's my conscience
And my dignity

I adhere to daily goals
I breathe clean air without me being told
But when it comes to living with the Deen
I am dying;
And trying

Thought not evil by any means
I learn from all the bad that I have seen
But that is clearly not enough
Cause time is flying;
It's not residing

We don't have much time on this earth
And the time to judgment's coming sooner
We have our duties up since birth
We say bismillah before we quench our thirst
But do we follow these things through?
What separates a non believer from you?
Do you cling to this short life?
Or do you wonder?
Do you wonder?

Each day you get up say your prayers
When you see kin smile from your ear to ear
That's a way to give your debt
In simple charity;
In charity

If we don't take charge of our lives
We'll never see the meaning of delight
We should strive and try our best
Wasting time should be what we detest
Or we'll fall into the plans
Of the devil who won't fold his hands
Pray before you are prayed upon
Eat with gratefulness or you'll be a pawn
To this place that we call life
This place that's filled with hate and strife
The world takes us then spits us out
So think before a word leaves out your mouth
The angels always see your deeds
And they're writing
They're writing

Don't make our holy Prophet cry
Do right everyday; open up your eyes
An eternity is long
And we want heaven;
We are brothers in our faith
We are muslims man, for goodness sake
Don't waste this life chasing yours
Think of Allah when you do your chores
Write your deeds with paper and pen
And we'll be sure to see again.

(In Jannah)