To Defend the Prophet from Non Muslims who attack him

Abu Juwairiya

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To Defend the Prophet from Non Muslims who attack him

While it is an obligation and an honour to defend, represent and help elevate the Prophet against that or those who seek to insult him, there are ways and methods of doing so.

In the same manner, while we can and will feel anger, hatred, hostility and resentment against anyone who is harsh in their criticism or description [image, words, actions, portrayal etc.] we have to see what are our options are in dealing with a situation.

If something occurs in a Non Muslim state, the objectives of the Muslim majority are almost the same as they are in a Muslim majority state, but the means of utilising them will differ.

First, the rulers of the Muslim state have the first responsibility to deal with the issue; State to State. This includes the scholars, the judges, Islamic legislators etc. and those with spiritual positions of authority and honour. The masses can advise and assist them in the first instance.

The State has means at its disposal to exercise its might and voice its legitimate concerns through diplomatic channels which include legal but politically useful sanctions and forms of international punishment and pressure, namely

-The breaking off of relations
-The boycotting of products from the offending nation
-Termination of agreements with the offending nation

In extreme cases, where the Muslim State is in a position of strength, then to cut off from all Non Muslim nations.

For the masses, it is imperative to exercise a form of restraint. By this it is meant

-No killing, injury or threats of violence to Non Muslims [verbal or physical]
-No formation of picketing of the offending party
-No disrespect to members of the offending party's workers who are not guilty

The risks of spiralling out of control are high and the damage, once done may not be able to be repaired.

The masses have other options.

-Make dua for something better to happen
-Warn people about the offending party
-Realise it is a test from Allah and is happening because of our sins

In a Muslim country, more options are available and the State would inshallah not allow it to get out of hand.
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