Travel Friendly tips (Hijab and Abaya care)

Naisha Afzal

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Hello Everyone!

I am an outgoing person, I love travelling to many places. Since I am also a writer and an a freelancer, travelling has been a part of my job. But since I go to many places it's always been an struggle for me to bring lots of clothes. Set of Hijabs, gowns or Abaya , prayer rug and many more. But as a Muslim, its very important for us to always wear these.

Can you share some of your travel tips for organizing or what to bring? How about some handy set of clothes that comes with an organizer that can be bought online? Please share your experiences and tips. Thanks a lot

Nadia Akthar

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Best if you roll your stuff before putting it inside your luggage. There are also some handy and convenient Hijab and Abaya set you can easily buy online.

Shokoufeh Hai

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How about buying an organizer with different sizes? I bought an Abaya online and I was amazed because it comes with a bag, easily fold the gown and turns into a bag. wow!


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It's great that you are It's great that you are so sensitive about your religion. This really makes the Muslim faith very different from many others. This is really very cool, because you bring a part of your culture to travel, which helps to mentally enrich the different countries you visit. My wife is also a Muslim, so when we go on trips, she also thinks about it. She also loves fashion very much, but at the same time wears a hijab. It turns out that they are also very stylish. She orders them very often using the abayas online uk service.sensitive about your religion.
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