What do you eat for iftar?


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Assalaam walaikum,

Paratha...fried and good bread..like a light torita..most grocery stores now have them in the frozen section. Some come stuffed. They are lightly fried..if you can see Indian food being lightly anything. Good to eat with any meats, or to wrap, or even with daals and chutneys.
When made at home they used to be triangular..haven't seen that in a while. 'Shourba': if it is from the sub-continent it is the very water curry/gravy. That is what you sap up with a paratha or a chapati or place over rice. It is light.
The qurmas are the more exotic blend of spices.

ahh ! So it's Paratha! Got it..! Yeah, I meant that shourba. Jazakillaahu khayr for explaining Aapa!:)

Now one more thing, *chutney*. What is that? In our culture, there's a type of spice we call 'shotney'.. They sorta sound the same! And i noticed you guys call bread 'roti'. That's also what we call it. =)

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Ugh, I feel so typically American right now.

I get fast food on the way home from work and stick it in my fridge until after Mahgrib, then heat it up and eat it for dinner.


Seems you need good muslim wife who prepares to you perfect iftar, not fatty fast food.



Assalaam walaikum,

Chutney: simplest way to put it: kinda sorta like picked stuff and chopped up herbs stuff. It can be sweet and savory.
Like the old fashioned watermelon rind pickles here. You can have mango, lemon, its syrupy at times.

Or you can crush cilantro, garlic,salt, pepper and add a drop of lemon juice..and a million varieties; its a relish. Sorta corn with red peppers that's so sweet and dances on your tongue.

Roti: breads. Not fried. Some are baked in clay ovens..others are baked on top of the stove. A chapati. ( this lazy one just takes the flour tortillas and heats them up..the boys will eat half a dozen before I get to the table )


Assalaam walaikum,

Brother..you got to chill with the fast food. I love some hot fries..and ain't nothing like hot fried chicken with a biscuit and a side of cole slaw.
But you got to throw in some fruits in there, stay away from the soda.

Can you make a fruit salad and taste on it during the week? Please.

We have to get you married in a heart beat.

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Best food is this:


Eat it fresh.

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:salam2: we break our fast with water or dates then pray
we eat shourba (soup) bourak (kind of like samosas just these are square) then some stew with bread that it
all this talk of food is making me hungry

have a nice dinner everyone!:blackhijab: