Question: What do you think about statues based on religious arguments

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    How is everyone?

    There is a flat/apartment for sale at a good price in the UK. It is located in a building that has statues of animals carved into the front as part of the design / city logo. I try to avoid statues as much as possible.

    I wanted to know what would you do in my shoes? Should I let this one go? It's a good price (I think)

    We are not worshiping the statues and I would like to think no one else is either, they are the city logo and maybe some other animal too.

    I know there is the hadith about pictures of an animal on curtains or cushions that the prophet salalaho alayhi wasalam did not like (correct me if I'm wrong)
    But then counter to this there is hadith about the doll for Aisha (correct me if I'm wrong)

    The 10 commandments in the Hebrew Bible states that there should be no graven images

    But in the Quran 34:13 there is mention of images/statues (relying on English translation so not sure how well it has been translated from the Arabic) being made for Sulaiman aleyhi salam

    And we have mirrors that reflect our images

    So if we are not worshiping them are they allowed? Or are they not allowed? More specifically should I leave this flat because of the statues carved in the walls?

    (Note: the hadiths and religious texts mentioned in this post should be verified by someone more religious than me, I do no know if I have interpreted anything wrong or made any mistakes)

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