What does Islam say about depression

Abu Juwairiya

Junior Member
In some ways the thread has lost its original focus and swayed to medical, health and personal remarks as opposed to what Islam says and offers as remedies. Posters and other readers should not feel offended when non medicinal specialists like myself state that turning to Allah will cure you and He will make all those who are sick and suffering well again. It is not that we judge anyone in particular or collectively and that good Muslims are or will not be affected by depression, only that sadness and hopelessness can also be (but are not always) a state of mind for many people.

And as Allah says the affair of a 'believer' (a mu'min) is always good, he/she is content and happy with their lives and see everything as a means of becoming closer to Him and receiving a better Jannah due to the difficulties each person is individually set by the Creator. So while depression is a medical condition, it is not the end of the world just as living with cancer, AIDS or something else of the same nature is also not the end for a Muslim; it is the beginning; he beginning of self endurance and a means of showing both yourself and Allah how you are steadfast, confident, strong in spirit and grateful with the knowledge and willpower you will get through it, be successful and in the end in the akhirah be rewarded and decorated with the greatness you deserve both as a Muslim and as someone who Allah can boast of as a resilient and determined servant.