what is the difficulty in marriage these days

what is the most difficulty you face in marriage ?

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Ahmad M. Al-Marshoud

I think the question should have been "What is the most difficult thing about GETTING married?" not "What is the most difficult thing about marriage?"

Honestly, for you young 'uns who haven't been married yet - FINDING a wife or husband is definitely NOT the hardest part of marriage - the hardest parts start WHEN you get married.

Think about it - you have to learn how to live and interact everyday, in the most intimate (and most mundane) ways with a person you barely know. Everything EVERYTHING must now be a part of a partnership - you must learn to compromise (both men and women) on many things in order to be happy, because you didn't marry yourself, and everyone is an individual.

Learning the likes/dislikes of another person; dealing with social issues (everyone has them - those things that you learned from your family that are different from what your spouse learned from theirs while growing up); learning the styles & body language; and, AND being able to sleep with someone else - I am not even talking about sex, I am meaning just sleeping! What if he snores and you are a light sleeper? What if she snores? Your spouse is a blanket hog and you end up freezing every night!

And these are just some of the LITTLE Things - when kids come, there are a whole new set of adjustments you will need to make!

So, I wish you all luck in finding spouses, insha'Allah, but be realistic - the hard work starts once you are married.!


ofcourse you have more experience than I am and I really respect it , we all must adjust when we get married but these things come after marriage , I hope we all find what we are looking for insha`Allah , thanks sister


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oh my word!! one of the neighbours is gettin married...well they call it the henna nyt...i can hear the drums! :(...
we have hope people lolz!


A Believer In Heart
Assalamu Alaykum

q8penpals, Nice way to put it. We live in society were these things you mention are forget. The only thing people(youth) these days do is falling in love and get marry. They meet one person they like and get marrry without recongizing the huge responsible that is in marriage. Marriage is not only about living with the person its about spending your whole life with this person and rising your children with them. Put your dislikes aside and loving the person for the sake of Allah SWT. So when young people marry for looks, money, or such lame things the true meaning of marriage is destory. These day its hard to define the true meaning of marriage throuhg our society.

Albint_Almuslima, i agree. That is one of the things i personal fear having like/love somebody and discover they only use me to get USA passport. Like i said previously its hard to define marriage. But put all your trust in Allah SWT and May Allah SWT guide us.