Where do you live?


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i am from turkey (we say türkiye)

and i am very hapy for being on this forum. i there any turksih?


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I live in Pakistan . Although I am of Indian origin . What's special.OK.I think this is where forces of Mahdi will go.My family migrated from India to Pakistan in the name of Islam. Pakistan was created on shab e qadr(27 ramadan friday). only ideologically islamic country and the nuclear power in Muslim world .


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You can go to any country.but future of none of Muslim country is sure.Because there are hadith in which invasion of Egypt,syria and others is predicted. You should either migrate to Saudi Arabia(Riyadh) or Pakistan(Gwadar or Karachi).


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Am from Singapore, an extremely small city-state in SouthEast Asia.. About the size of a large lake but extremely crowded with abt 4 million people here..

The benefits of globalisation.. (drawbacks included)


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Assalaamu Alaykum wr wb brothers & sisters
i live in Mauritius...(hmm for those who don't know ...it's a small island in the middle of the indian ocean near Seychelles)


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I come from London, but live in Essex.

I'd love to visit some of the places the brothers and sisters come from..some are so so exotic!