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  • Waalaykummusalam wa rahmatullah akhi,

    Shukran katheeran for your concern. I guess its been a while since I wrote in that thread. Thanks once again.

    haha.... nice then akhi tell me the book's name I would like to read it too. jazakAllahu khair for the duas. May Allah bless you. don't be book addict lol that will be fine .
    assalamu allaicum wa raahmatullah wa baaraktuhu

    Alhmadulilalh dear brother that it referns only on this haadith,as I did not red well so I thought it may be something more related for your health.:shymuslima1:. Alhamdulilah it was not like that.

    may Allah subahn we teala remove wahn from the hearts of all Muslims as Allahs Messanger saalahu alayhe wa salam said:
    ‘Surely there is in the body a small piece of flesh; if it is good, the whole body is good, and if it is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted, and that is surely the heart’.

    take care brother and Inshallah you will be in my duas for the sake of Allah.Please remember me in your pious duas too and my family.

    May Allah bless you

    assalmau alliacum wa raahmtullah wa baarkatuhu dear brother

    How are you??? I just drop by to say "saalam".:hijabi:. You will be in my duas too bother InshAllah,may Allah give you good health very soon,InhsAllah.

    If I can ask you,what exactly mean "wahn in heart".?? Inshallah it is nothing too much serious

    May Allah bless you dear brother and keep you healthy:hijabi:.ameen

    wa allicumu saalam
    Assalamu alaykum, dear akhi, I have started business two months ago, alhamdulillah . by the dua of dear fellows like you and only by the grace of Allah almighty, the starting is good .for that I am thankful to Allah. just a request to pray for me and that may Allah make things easy. take care.
    jazakAllahu khair
    waalykum salam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu , dear akhi .i am well alhamdulillah, sometimes bit in work. how's about you brother .
    thank u brother for ur comment on my profile and i wish we be friends and brothers
    Assalamu Allaicum wa raahmatullah wa baarakatuhu dear brother.

    How are you?? Inshallah you are in the best state of heath and iman.I just wished to pass you saalams and thank you for all beautiful nasheeds which you are sharing with us MashAllah.:) May Allah reword you brother.Ameen,

    May Allah bless you :tti_sister:

    Your sister Asja

    Asalamu alaykum brother

    Also tell them to get off the road when i get on the road:lol: Anyway i had my first lesson on the past Monday and it was way harder than i thought. I don't know how can anyone learn how to drive when it is that hard or i'm just big headed:(
    wa'alaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

    Not "going to" my dear brother. They have already gave permission and started the war. Indeed they are far away to the true teachings of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam). To know the truth about them, just click this page and see what Sheikh Adam Shameem tells about.

    InshaAllah Haqq will be here forever and Baatil will be deafeated by a great defeat where they will not have the courage to make a move to attack back, with the never ending Mercy of Allah (subuhaanahu wata'aala).

    Having them around the world is not a fact that they are on the correct Manhaj. We have to refer to Quran and Sunnah.

    By the way, kihine haalu akha?

    wassalam 'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
    Asalamu alaykum brother

    Oh don't worry brother you are not slow,and by the way i passed the test. I got my temporary last Wensday insha Allah my aunt and my brother will teach me. May Allah keep your heart kind and soft towards beleivers and firm upon the deen to you too ya akhi ameen.

    Abu Hurairah, radiyallahu 'anhu, reported that the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam, said:

    "Allah the Almighty has said: 'Whosoever acts with enmity towards a closer servant of Mine (wali), I will indeed declare war against him. Nothing endears My servant to Me than doing of what I have made obligatory upon him to do. And My servant continues to draw nearer to Me with supererogatory (nawafil) prayers so that I shall love him. When I love him, I shall be his hearing with which he shall hear, his sight with which he shall see, his hands with which he shall hold, and his feet with which he shall walk. And if he asks (something) of Me, I shall surely give it to him, and if he takes refuge in Me, I shall certainly grant him it.'"

    Allaicomu saalam wa raahmatulah wa baarakathu dear brother.

    Jazzak Allah khair for passing your kind saalams and words MashAllah:).May Allah bless you and reword you for your kindness and Mashallah for your beautiful character brother.

    Ameen for your duas.May Allah reword you too with Jannatul Firdows and beauty and Mercy on this world too.:tti_sister:

    May Allah bless you

    Alhamdulilah i'm fine as well brother. it's a good thing to spend on the computer less time insha Allah that's what i want to do when i start driving. I'll be able to go to the libraries. I'm glad i made your Friday:) About the avatar i used wow it's the first time that i heard i'm very skilled:D jazak Allahu khayra brother. I liked the old one too:)
    Asalamu alaykum brother

    How are you doing? i haven't seen you online much lately. I hope you are doing great:D just stoping by to say salaam:)
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