Who am I?


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Who am I to complain?
Allah gifted me my brain,
it may work differently to yours,
He created them with flaws,
and the heart to coincide,
concealing the many secrets stored inside,
the hurt they both feel,
the countless tears they've cried.

Who am I to moan?
Allah gifted my life as a loan,
the earth & everything on it shall not remain,
yet people are still acting insane,
this life is but a dream,
nothing is what is seems,
live like it's the last day you'll ever see,
remember.. things are how Allah wanted them to be!

Who am I to waste time?
the many rewards I did decline,
the world took hold of me a while,
please Allah don't place me in exile,
Your name I do mention everyday,
please strengthen my path towards You - from every possible way,
bless all Muslims worldwide a peaceful exit to this life,
grant Us All a grand entrance to the Next - a special place in Paradise.

:tti_sister: :shake:And that it is He (Allah) who makes (whom He wills) laugh and makes (whom He wills) weep.[ Qur'an 53:43]