Article Who Hinders and Stops a Faithful Believer to do Good Actions?

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    Who Hinders and Stops a Faithful Believer to do Good Actions?

    By Mohammad Rafique Etesame

    Who hinders and puts obstacles in the way of a faithful believer when he wants o do something good? It is surprising, but is the reality that when someone particularly the faithful believer wants to do good actions like offering prayers, paying the poor-due or to keep fasting etc. Then a power from the inner side of the body orders him not to do such types of actions but do something other instead.
    Every Muslim or Muslimah can feel this frequently. So please trace who is this? This is the inordinate soul and Satan! The holy Quran reveals,"I do not exculpate myself Lo! the (human) soul enjoins unto evil, save that whereon my Lord hath mercy. Lo! my Lord is Forgiving, Merciful" (Joseph: 53). The holy Prophet PBUH said that Satan turned round in the body of mankind like blood(Al-Mishkat).
    So the duty of both enemies is to stop man from accepting the religion of Islam and to act upon its teachings.
    For example, when someone wants to become a Muslim, then he is directed suddenly from his inner side,"O my dear! what are you doing why do you convert yourself into a new region, whether the religion of your ancestors is not sufficient for you? If it was wrong, than why they had accepted it? So they (Satan and Inordinate Soul) try their best to take him/her away from Islam.
    Similarly, when a faithful believer wants to establish worship for five times daily, he is suddenly directed, "my dear! it is right that offering prayer is obligatory for you but you are a young man now and a long time is left for this act, so let eat drink and make marry, when you will be old than there will be no work for you except to go the mosque, offer prayers and count the beads etc.
    And when he wants to pay the poor-due i.e. Zakat, then he is directed, brother! what are you doing, whether this is a tax, you distribute your money to the poor that you have earned during the whole year by hard working. You will lost your money by and by, so please save it and don't pay Zakat!
    And when he wants to keep fasting during the month of Ramadan then he is directed," brother, this is the hot summer season and duration of fasting is almost 18 hours, whether you can bear the hunger and thrust by such a long time? Perhaps not! So let another person keep fasting on behalf of you or pay the ransom for your fasting.
    These are some examples about hindering and misleading of Satan and inordinate soul of a faithful believer and every man can feel this easily. That is why there are a large number are the slaves of Satan rather then the slaves of Rahman (Allah, The Beneficent). In fact, they try their best to mislead and stop him to do good actions all the time. So, it is the need of time that a faithful believer should be alert and follow not their commands and act upon Islamic teachings strictly.

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