You're in a prison and..


Umm Zubayr
Assalam 'Aleikum waRahmatullah waBarakatuh,


you were sentenced to a 3 years imprisonment in a jail and you were permitted to bring 3 books with you to your prison cell.

What books would you take with you, knowing that you cannot get any other nor can you swap books?

And, explain why you're taking that book and no other.

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Wa 'Alaykum salaam wr wb.

You come up with really good threads mashaAllaah :)

I'd take:

1. Qur'aan with English translation - so I could read the arabic text and know the meaning of what's being recited.

2. Hisnul Muslim - it's got all the du'aas and adhkaar.

3. Insinuating whispers of shaytaan - because I suffer a lot of whiswaas and being in prison would make it a lot worse.

What about you?


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walaikum salaam...

nice thread...

I vl take...

1) Holy Quran...miracle of Prophet Mohammad :saw:

2) Tafsir ibn kathir... To know the detailed meaning of the verses of this miraculous book...

3) The sealed nectar (seerah of Prophet Mohammad :saw:) to know and follow prophet Mohammad :saw: in hardships...

but I dont want to go jail... :lol:

jazakallahu khair...

salamu alaikum...


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assalamu alaykum,

Interesting question, normally people use being marooned on a deserted island for these sort of questions, lol. Surely, nobody here is going to be ending up in a prison cell, astaghfirullah.

1. Quran,
As its the best and most important book, the perfect word of Allah.

2. Sahih Bukhari,
Second most important book for Muslims,

3. The Complete Guide to breaking out of prison


Umm Zubayr
Assalam 'Aleikum all,

Interesting replies there- well I know the prison example was perhaps too extreme but let's remember that this dunya is a prison for the believers so let's say it was just an extended metaphor inshAllaah : )

As most of you chose, I'd get the Qur'an too and hopefully memorise it during the stay. Next, I'd take Qisasu Anbiya (stories of the Prophets) to help me remain patient. And I'd take Zad-al ma'aad by Ibn Qayyim (Provisions for the Hereafter) as a heart softner.


My first choice as a Muslim is undoubtedly obvious so the reason is clear.

My second choice would be The Story of Civilization (lol) just kidding. It is written with just as equally wild imaginsations as the Origin of Species, but the difference between the two is that the Story is more interesting. So, it has to be the lives of companions of The Prophet (peace be upon him).

My third choice would probably be Critique of Pure Reason because I never understood it and the abundance of free time would perhaps allow me to understand what it is on about.